Intelligence Biquadratic Equation (IBE) Therapy

It is a complete treatment with synergy formulation that will deeply penetrate skin layer by layer focus to restructure, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin from the inside out, transforming your skin to look tighter, brighter, younger and radiant.
Suitable for:
-Fine Lines
-Enlarged Pores
-Sagging Skin

Equation 1: StemCellus Essence
Size: 3ml e 0.11 oz
Stem cells from the Switzerland apple are said to:
-Maintain the power of regeneration.
-Restores natural energy.
-Cell rejuvenate.
-Protects longevity of skin stem cells.
-Combats chronological aging and decrease in wrinkles.

Equation 2: Binano Cream
Size: 10ml e 0.36 oz
Precious Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter have high concentrations of Phytosterols which effectively repairs skin and regenerate them to provide immediate volume to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles therefore creating a protective layer that keeps moisture in.

Equation 3: Genessence Powder
Size: 1.5gm e 0.10 oz
Rich marine energy, to waken up the activity of fibroblasts to maintain the rich collagen and elasticity. This keeps the skin structure and smooth the wrinkles from in and out effectively achieve skin firming result.

Equation 4: Catalytic Mousse
Size: 40ml
Soapberry Extract with Subtilisin, through ion catalytic mechanism, to induce and form an elastic soft mask film, closely paste on every inch of skin, perfectly lock up space for efficient essence to penetrate the basis skin, improve skin suppleness and elasticity, firming and glowing.