Signature Hydra O2 Therapy Single Treatment Set

Allergic Soothing Single Treatment product has been strictly selected and it contains of high quality of raw material. It does not cause burden to the skin, truly achieves zero stimulation and affable the skin texture effectively. The calming and healing facial mask is using selective ingredients such as: chlorophyl, seaweed, hyaluronate and aloe vera. It does not contain of any stimulant element and enhance skin’s oxygen synthesis. The curative effect will accelerate waste and toxin in order to restore nutrition and oxygen into the skin cell. The seaweed contains of massive polysaccharides and it able to absorb the external moisture. It also enhances the self-repair and defense system; and improves the dull skin color effectively from the reaction of the internal protein cell.
Suitable for:
-After conducting the microdermabrasion and stimulating treatment
-Uncomfortable after sun tanning
-Skin peeling and dry skin