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    I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty I’M MOVING OUT!! A year flew by soooo fast living here in LA. My lease is up and now I am moving into …



    Hey guys! 💜 if you didn’t catch in the video, my lease was up and I didn’t renew because I wanted to upsize! I also wanted a place that was quieter and not directly in the city. Since I already decorated my old place and already bought furniture, doing the new place should be much smoother! 😊✨


    Mirna Kalandos

    WE NEED MORE ROUTINES!!! etc:skincare,lip pt.2
    live for you videos ❤️


    Toni Biser

    Lissete you are the best


    captain _ rex

    99% of the people won't read this but

    To the 1% who will have lovely day be kind be awesome and have a fun day


    Kionna C. McCain

    Wow! I’m so happy for you. Like you’re making huge moves, literally and you’re so humble about it!! I love you and I hope your new place treats you well!!


    وفاء الرشيد

    احلا شي في الامريكان انهم مستقلين ومعتمدين على ذاتهم وبيحبو الشغل والترتيب😍✋
    I love you😘😘😘


    Anna Veselova

    Your subscribers are literally the people who give you moral support and financial support too and you cannot show your boyfriend to us? Rude


    Cinthia M

    Omg it feels like just yesterday i got the notification of you telling us you were moving to LA! How quick time flies by!!! Can’t wait to see the new apartment 🥰❤️


    Sheen Boo

    Wow time does fly , you grown grown now , on to your 2nd apartment , I can’t wait to see your new place


    Angie Lemus

    Making moves 🤫


    angela tina

    I’m sorry luhset, but I’ve been around for really long. And I feel like it gods got a lot more boring and u put more effort into ur old vids


    Curly Princesa Heart

    Awwwwe watching you move in and turn it into your home 🏡 makes me wanna cry ♥️♥️


    Curly Princesa Heart



    Tiffany Lior

    Decorating your new place vlogs ! I need vlogs lol 😫🥰


    Steph M.

    I think you had a great experience there! And also, for a first apartment it was a bomb one! Can't wait to see your new place! ♥️


    Mimi. xo.

    Now that you are moving where did you live??


    Victoria Ingleton

    I’m ready for the tour of the new place!!!


    Yours Truly

    Ooooo looks like an house I'm beyond excited for you and to see your new place


    Jordan’s World

    Only a month ago you did an apartment tour😂confusion


    Marienoel Emechebe

    Okkkkkkkk the new place looking even betterrrrrrrrrr omgg can't waittt, lmao ok I feel better now 🤗


    Kyla Bethea

    ready for the new tour already


    Marienoel Emechebe

    The memories at the end omg, im gonna cry 😭


    Baby Rose

    Hope we get to see a tour of your new place soon 🥰


    jayla RBLX

    Hey luhhsett


    Marienoel Emechebe

    Omg I was so worried I clicked on this so fast 😭💓


    wendy jinx

    lizet you are so rarted and the day we are all together you and i loved each other and you and i were all good until this day we had to do that thing .


    Shelisha Boyd

    All but I loved your old place, but hey new and better things. Let's see the new place 😍😍🙌🏾🙌🏾


    Vyctoriyah Phillips

    Are you moving in with your boyfriend? Sorry had to ask.


    Alby Nana Cady

    Now I get it

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