$15 Vs. $99 "Unbreakable" Tights

Main $15 Vs. $99 "Unbreakable" Tights

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    Tights made by SCIENCE! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …


    Juliette *julie*

    I think you mean "unrippable"

    If that's a word


    Cheez bebs 4826

    "the show where I try weird internet products.. so you don't have to."



    Sylviah Kimani

    99$!!!! That's a month's rent in Kenya!!!!


    isabella raymond

    That price is ridiculous



    Gosh im an idiot…. I thought it said “$15 vs ¢99”…. help me



    Tight is expensive in Australia, $7-$17 per pair. And I ripped mine easily. So the $99 is worth it


    yee haw



    afternoon tea

    She farted😂🤣


    jem Last

    99$ worth it.


    freesamplethief argle

    But what about walking into furniture? asking for a friend


    Celestial Nubian

    I thought this was had something to do with “Un-breakable Kimmy Schmidt”. The thumbnail didn’t help


    Ken Harris

    Dumbo talking about things that don't matter!


    Captain Electro

    I'm not even into these kinds of videos , don't know why I'm here but I just have to say, you have amazing eyes love 😲
    The upswept lashes on the side and the color is just crazy, I'm sorry but I'm just taken by that!



    I believe they are called pantyhose because tights are cloth and dont rip as easy whereas those are made of mesh


    hi there

    I haven't broken any tights, but it could be the fact that I've worn the same tights for like 10 years, and they might have made them better back then



    $15 or $99 as long as you have tights on I’m not going to complain they make legs look and feel amazing.


    Amber Bundrick

    Their pantyhose not tights


    Michael Vanderhoff

    She’s somehow super likeable


    Lissette Langdon

    If they were TRULY indestructible I would pay hundreds so I'd never have to by any more again.



    “nInEtY NiNe dOlLaRs iS sO eXpEnSiVe”
    proceeds to hack it with a knife


    Ari anna

    They look like ballet tights. Except they don't rip…


    Deep Das

    So it's carbon fiber


    Kassy Marie

    What's the point of tights if you can see through it anyways


    Karina Schut

    Woot! Oh Canada!


    Talia Lehr

    I wore tights for my homecoming outfit 😂😭 I bumped a table 5 minutes after arriving and there was a tear


    Nae B

    U dyed u hair 😳



    ((((( OMG the comments are All making")FUN"))))))Thats funny in and of itself….overall she's cute &silly and a brit….so she done did perrty good I think info wise… Kudos from Cambria California..


    Roxanne Wright

    Is nobody else worried about how she said the knife was green but it's actually teal/blue.


    Erika Rivera

    This is definitely a remake of VivianTries but ok….


    Chloe P

    Speaking of tights girls- check out Snag tights because they actually have more than three sizes. Most tights (at least what I’ve seen) come in small, medium, large and the only thing that changes is the height. As a short plus size girl tights that fit are always ridiculously long on me so always opaque rather than sheer like they intend. And my friend who’s 6 feet tall can never find tights that are tall enough for her. They have 7 sizes and there size chart is so helpful, you pick your dress size and then if your 5’3 and under and then there’s two other height ranges, but on top of that there’s seperate charts for if you are curvy or not. So yeah perfect fitting tights are a reality now


    Winnie YT

    She reminds me a lot of Kate from wealth by Sleiman



    Love the hair chloe!


    Natalie Muñoz

    So this show is…beauty break?


    Cara Carr

    Am I the only one who call those "stockings"😭


    Catherine Stoll

    Shes changed so muchhhhh


    DoubleTroubleJ4 .M

    If u think about it tho, if you are gonna by more and more pairs of the cheaper ones since the keep ripping, once you get pass number 7. It is more expensive then the $99 pair… Math…


    Akira Coravos

    am i the only one who didn’t recognise chloe in the thumbnail


    Jamol Simon

    I have no clue who you are, but I think I love you.


    A gay


    Rebecca Downing

    Why does this just scream ad….


    Ap Ku



    sammy tendo

    i need those tightsss

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