$150 FOUNDATION? WTF! Tom Ford Foundation Review… THE TRUTH!

Main $150 FOUNDATION? WTF! Tom Ford Foundation Review… THE TRUTH!

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    Tom Ford is known for being an expensive makeup brand… but when I saw that they launched a 150 dollar foundation, I was SHOCKED. I ordered the …



    Paxit tt

    More than 13mln abonnes and less than 1mln views in 2 days. What does this say?

    Alicia Lozeau

    Looks like Lancome foundation

    summer hegarty

    I love your haarband it suits you a lot❤️


    I love dillons honesty but his love through him critiquing for her!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love wins!

    TinaMarie Chartrand

    That foundation is stunning. I'm shocked. Would I buy it? Nope. I'm an oily girl. But I think the finish is so beautiful!

    Glam Sammy

    My thoughts: v pretty but $150 is my meal at chipotle 12 times

    Dark Shooter

    Please make a brush video. I really want to know what brushes you use here

    L A U R E N

    I absolutely looooveee this look

    Adrianna Emanuel

    Thank you NIKKIE for telling me where you got it online. Love you!❤️😭

    Miquéias Ribeiro

    Linda gata maravilhosa 💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕💕♥️♥️💕❣️♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕💕💕

    Shannon Suess

    I wear haarbands every day… gotta flaunt the ten-head 😂

    reese chin

    every foundation she swatched i was like yup that’s the one!😂

    Jose Doney RG

    Lol she spent $450 dollars on the foundation, bus I love her so much


    You're Haarband got me like xoxo gossip girl

    GiGi Colorado

    Literally a disgusting human being who lied for soooo long and even FAKED A PREGNANCY SCARE…And that right there is why he's so disgusting…I cannot believe this guy still has followers!! Men can't have babies …Maybe being afraid to come out is a real thing but why the mental insanity and lies??? NO.

    erla wind

    Must have more money than sense !

    Chamarl Francis


    Blanka Garcia

    Nikkie hi, here in mexico is almost mother's day May 10th pleeeeeeeease can you do a video with momma tutorials!!!!????? 😀 i miss her 🙁 PLEASE

    Lindsey J Bryant

    Does anyone know where her headband is from???


    I never wear a haarband to bed. ~cawakitty


    For 150 dollars I need a foundation opaque enough to cover up my sins.

    Maria Reyes


    Jennifer Bowie

    It is beautiful but for 150.00 it should look beautiful and put it on for me and make me dinner lol

    Spicy Brown

    The “brown” stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Aphrodite Stournara

    That kind of foundation when you first put it on suits you so much more than full cakey ! You have great skin and this one Just makes it perfect

    Nicoletta Dini

    I’m not sure why but this was one of my favourite videos…and I think it’s because the product just looked so silky and beautiful, it was satisfying to watch for that alone. Also enjoyed the discovery…seemed like a different and more genuine review than normal because you were reacting so much to the moment

    Mimi Y

    I have a cool challenge video idea! Use only one brand of makeup for the whole look! Put all ur products into a basket and pick one and then u have to use that brand for ur full face of makeup( plz like so she can see) 🌈🌈🌈🌈

    Josslyn Shockency

    my favorite Haarband is blue


    Nikkie, remember you haven’t worn the foundation outside and doing your day to day. Maybe that’ll make a difference…

    Miss K

    If I looked like that I would have no problem spending $150.00 But unfortunately I don't. Nikkie you are breathtaking


    I love the lipstivk? Which one is?

    Sarah Davis

    Would love to hear what some of your favorite yet decently priced lash brands are! I haven't seen any specific listings but I know you'll briefly talk about the brand when you apply them. 😁

    Elisa Janssen

    Omg Nikki, je gezicht zag er in deze video heel gezond uit wouw girl, dat wou ik gwn ff noemen 😊😘

    makeup artist by Emma

    Love u mame

    Kennedy O’Sullivan

    Other people need crowns to be queens, and then Nikkie comes in pulling a Blair Waldorf with that Haarband and I know which queen I'd bow to 🙌

    Asia Moczko

    Her MakeUp after 12 houres still looks better than mine the second I'm done doing it.. FLAWLESS! FLAAAW-LESSSSS!!

    RainyDay 2723

    i love how she's becoming an adult right before our eyes!

    labella 1509

    Walks out the shop with my demons screaming at me for spending 10pound on a foundation 😕

    Briana Tricomi

    I think this is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you look! I love this whole look on you especially the satin finish foundation!!!!

    tehreem T

    wonder how well this foundation would look on skin that has acne and texture

    Gay Rain

    My mom always says that makeup should only take five minutes. I dont know why she felt the need to tell me this because she knows that I love to do sfx makeup that can take up to 6 hours and I love to do really extravagant eyeshadow looks that also take a long time.

    Chet Michael Shoemaker

    No, I don't have $150 to spend on foundation, but may I say? This is one of your best skin looks ever. Have you ever tried the Hourglass Illusion Hyalaurnoic Skin Tint? And I loved the Miss Lady Kerr Haarband.

    Etniem JR/#

    Je bent geen echte vr..w

    Frederika Giorgina Schilperoort

    Ik vind de medium coverage heel mooi bij je staan!

    Maisha Ahmad

    The only people I love outside my family and friends are Bernie Sanders, Safiya Nygaard and my Queen Nikkie in her haarband! 😍


    Love this video..! We just moved here in Germany and trying to learn the language. 
    Was already a fan before we moved here though:)

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