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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    I’m so excited that #Halloween is right around the corner! Today, I’ve pulled 3 of my favorite #hairstyles that we filmed previously on my channel that are perfect …


    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    Which of these Halloween hairstyles are you going to try?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy



    I remember watching these when they first came out 😂


    Anna Farsi

    The last look though !!! Is it an old video of Bailey !!! Cause she looks younger and her hair was still long !!!

    is it .. is it … is it ??


    Addison Vandal

    I thought the unicorn half up was kamri!!


    Rida Ismail

    people with curly hair: am I a joke to you?


    Jehanzeb Akbar



    Hanna Hana

    I hv a natural curl like the last one trust me it freaks everyone out whenever they see me😂


    Yasheinia Bala

    Was I the only one who thought it was Mindy in the thumbnail🤣🤣 Bailey looks so much like Mindy last time💕


    saumya kaushik

    why you upload old videos


    Julie Hoffman

    Love it


    YoKimKimyo Nezbit

    Can we get a hair care routine from your girls? Their hair is beautiful !!


    Eujenia Larios

    I feel like I seen this video before


    Louise Chew

    Descendants 3 Evil Audrey


    Jay-leigh Booysen


    Grace Tried It

    This is my first time to see Bailey with long hair.



    Whoa! I’ve never seen Bailey with long hair. And Kamri totally looks like young Bailey.


    XxBxbyLily Jungkook 838484

    I going to be A Zombie cheerleader



    What are those hair sprays??? What’s brand??


    Lesly Elizabeth

    My hair is thicker lol


    Faith Culbert

    Where is the glitter on her face from for the unicorn?


    Amelia Zidek

    I love y’all always and forever ♾!❤️


    Rachael Mata

    So cute I love it. I love your Chanel


    Doyle Fam

    Hey guys any small YouTubers wanna help each other grow lmk 🎃🎃


    steph chavarin

    Wasn’t this last years video…


    Amy Wescott

    Omg Bailey looks so young here! I remember the original video you all made! Still love this!



    these are old videos. That is a younger bailey, she has short hair now.


    leb banana

    Idk why but the second costume reminded me soo much of the ice princess in shark boy and lava girl 😂


    Christiansen Chaos

    Mindy you are so talented! I love your family and all of you guys are so so awesome! Like if you agree!



    I loved the harleys quinn one She looks so small ❤❤


    Sassy SAMMI

    Answer to question number 1: I’m going to be the ring.


    Sydney Worley

    I’m either going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or Peggy Carter, Captain America’s love interest



    When Brooklyn had her hair dyed, her hair was like both the colors Bailey has dyed it. Half was a reddish pink and the other was blue


    Ali Lamb

    Amazing such gorgeous hairstyles omg 💕💕



    Baileys hair is long and brown 🧐



    Monday morning be like


    Me at school



    isha sahu

    Ok for the unicorn hairstyle Brooklyn looks like the rybka twins



    Isn’t this a repost? We’ve seen these


    Gabrielle Buchanan

    Why is Brooklyn so pretty?

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