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    Wayne Goss

    Near cult status already. Does the DIPBROW GEL really hold up to all the hype? LINKS UK US EASY OF USE: 9/10 …


    Abi Ali

    Got mine yesterday.. I have sparse brows.. hope it works



    So basically a brow mascara..?


    ivi Ivi




    I don’t know what it is, but you look insanely attractive in this video. 😍


    Susan Masterson

    I just luv ya 😘


    Zenaida Bravo




    God I love how concise your videos are πŸ‘πŸ‘


    Mayra Barque

    I love you! I love your videos!! You are a beautiful beautiful man… πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ¦„





    Mint & Tea

    For what it’s worth, my theory on brows is that blue eyes look fantastic with a darker brow -they pop, so to speak. Whereas, lightened brows draw attention to brown eyes by letting them have the spot light.


    Meghan Cosentino



    shireen Ibdah

    Can someone tell me if microblading good for the eyebrows or just stick to the eyebrows pencil. Thanks



    You keep looking younger and younger what is your secret? Thank you for demonstrating the product i was wondering how to use those. Absolutely brilliant as usual πŸ™Œ


    Vegan AF

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’re just fabulous.


    aa vv

    You're a DOLL! -San Francisco fan


    Georgitte Singbiel

    My next brow product!


    Elise Parker

    Wayne (or anyone really) how would you compare this to CT brow gel?



    Wayne, I actually preferred the blonde that you used on your right brow. It looked more natural, yet there was nice definition.


    Power Puff

    The way you say amazing….



    Love ur info, love that u showed us the color differences. Helped me tremendously. Luv u Wayne!!!


    Kim P

    Id love u to help my brows!!! I love a nice clean somewhat straighter brow and u would be perfect to do it! Thanks for a great video! Cant wait for ur makeup!!!


    Haneef D

    Looks like I’ll be buying this gel! 😍😍


    DonaId Trump

    You're looking good!


    Lisa Pavnick

    The blond brow really suits you!


    Angie Brown

    You remind me of David Beckham so much 😍


    April Edwards

    Have they done away with the dip brow in a pot entirely?


    Sara Brant

    I love all of your videos there are a couple that I watch on a regular basis they are not makeup tutorials they're just about life in general and I have to tell you that the things that you say are so deep and so real it makes me change the way that I think about things! anytime I need to pick me up just to let me know that I'm worth and I'm not a horrible person I watch your videos and they make me feel a lot better I know this has nothing to do with this video but I thought I'd let you know that watching your videos really has helped me become a better person!



    Love it..buying tomorrow my brows are too light and not full enough


    Jerrine Cochran

    I have been watching you for some time (I adore you) and we are the same age (you’re only a couple of months older). You know what I’ve noticed? As I get older you get YOUNGER.
    Craziest thing. Reminds me of Benjamin Button. 😘


    Briley Blue Eyes

    Thank you so much for reviewing this Wayne!


    Manuel Molini

    I might get it!


    Blue Stormi

    Please review the new ABH palette. I want to hear your thoughts. Thx


    Tracey Burris

    Hello, I'm 57yrs old woman and I would like to know how to conceal the under eye area, I wish I could send a pic to show you


    Kelly M

    Thank you for sharing Wayne! I love the eyebrow pencil on myself and my clients! The dipbrow is an awesome product and I cannot wait to try it! XoxoπŸ’‹


    E. Ortiz

    Handsome as ever.


    Leigh says What

    Adore your eyes and brows!!! Thank you Sir!πŸ€—πŸ₯°


    La Stefita

    I have very sparse eyebrows after my arch… Do you think this product would suit me anyway? Love your vibe Wayne 😘


    Sherry Reis

    The brow gel applies so easily and looks great. The darker brow is definitely more dramatic. Thanks Wayne. Hugs…Sherry


    Marla Robinson

    I think I might like that product


    cantik glam

    Dont like the product


    kylee norfleet

    Nice video! I do have thick brows so this is helpful to know. Thanks


    Lezlie Boehme

    When I have a huge problem I have one brow that it's gray and one brow that is black and I really am afraid to die the one that is gray and that's the one that's black can you recommend something and God bless you


    Bonnie McMaken

    I love the pomade! I may have to try this… I'm strawberry blonde and my eyebrows are decently thick but you can't see them because they're so light. And so fast! Darkening them completely changes my face!


    Sue Webster

    The blonde is so much better. The brow looks like you took a Sharpe to your brow.

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