ASMR Facial for My Husband 👦🏻

Main ASMR Facial for My Husband 👦🏻

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    I try doing my first ASMR facial for Leo. I’d love to continue this if you guys like it and please give me feedback on how to improve! PRODUCT LINKS Step 1: …



    Are we not gonna bring up how nice his eyelashes are?


    danae !

    Leo didnt flinch! He looked like he really enjoyed this


    almayra 29

    Literally just sleep for 2 hours after watching this omg💕💕Love youu


    Shan Elan

    wow this was so relaxing ❤️


    Lydia Z

    I love it sm



    Omg do Sophia and then this would be very meta


    man cheeto

    i love this


    Rebecca Lee

    He’s so pretty..!!


    ooh blue

    loved this video! was super excited to watch it when you announced you were recording this video on your ig story! 🥰


    Vale Isabelle

    aaaaa i loved it



    i always love all your product recommendations!!! thanks karen!



    im so happy all the comments are so positive☺️ great vid!


    mariejane l

    I lit a candle and painted my nails to this lol, the sounds and scent made a relaxing feeling 🙂


    Vin. cy

    Great video! Also his lashes are so pretty wow


    Ji Yan

    This video relaxed me soooo much


    b a b y p i n k

    You’re so lucky to have each other💘 I love you!!!


    Arwen Edhel Of Jotunheim

    Before 1000 views


    Josefine hoang

    that looks very relaxing! 💕 and damn Leo got nice skin! 😱



    you’re such a natural at making this type of content. i love asmr and hope to see more of this from you 🙂


    Laela Evans

    omg so perfect to watch while i study right now! I love this, thank you xoxoxo


    Valentina Cuervo Lara

    This is the kind of video that I didn’t know I needed



    Your husband's eyelashes are goals 🙂


    Alyssa Baches

    This is so awesome


    oh hey

    just on time♡


    Scarlett’s Life



    Scarlett’s Life



    Ailyn Gonzaez

    Hi karen!! Love youuu ❤❤


    Ni Pham

    awe this is adorable!!! xDDD



    ya'll are cuties


    Usagi Moon.X.O

    Your husband has such nice skin 😁 and this is so relaxing!



    Sooo relaxing bby 👌🏻🤤💜


    SinnamonDemon Ƒ ư ɕ ƙ



    Danieza Malpica

    yaaaaaas 💖


    SinnamonDemon Ƒ ư ɕ ƙ



    Ms Brownie

    He looks so relaxed lool

Viewing 36 posts - 1 through 36 (of 36 total)

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