Best Friends Transform Into Their Icons From The 2010s

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    “10 years ago I was still dating men.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, …


    Joyce had me crying! She’s such a beautiful person honestly! I was kinda bummed she didn’t have a full body video clip like all the other ladies. I wanted to see her slay that outfit she was wearing.


    JOYCE! You got me bawling! 😭😭😭


    Joyce looks amazing in the beaded braids!

    Gabrielle Lussier

    the last thing I expected to do was cry when I saw the thumbnail but here we are


    Ok but I can’t be the only one who thought Jazzmyne looked like more of a BOSS than Rihanna did in that photo 🤭

    Ashlie Morehouse

    like bro why do they look better than they icons tho? We need 2 get on this, ladies!!!

    Nocturnal Flare

    This video made me cry 😢😭🖤


    This video made me love Joyce even more ❤️❤️

    Maribel R.

    Joyce cries, I cry. Ilysm ❤️

    Bailey R


    Nicole Farrell

    listening to them describe each other <3 when Joyce said Jazz made her feel like a main character, I teared up

    Gabriela Guerra

    You are beautiful joyce ❤

    Stef By Step

    I love the whole Lindsay/Harry Styles sections. ❤️

    Joee/Teri-Ann Smith

    Joyycceeeee you are a true icon ! 💜

    Ailen Fiorella

    Love this vid, every girl Killed IT. Love them


    This was a great video! Very well done, well shot, well directed, and very inspiring. Nice job!

    dolce urie

    Lindsey talking about Harry is mood

    evy lange

    oh god this made me cry. these four women are MY icons! they’re so supportive of each other and lift each other up wow I’m in love

    dolce urie

    I clicked because I saw Harry and I lowkey do not regret watching this p.s. I love y’all so much

    Deanna Bauer

    Joyce crying because of Jazzmyne ❤❤ that's a beautiful friendship

    Grace Hissong

    this is one of my favorite youtube videos ever because of the love. four women just loving themselves and each other and just building everyone up instead of tearing them down. my heart is so happy. truly.


    FEMALES SUPPORTING FEMALES !! also I would give my life to harry!lindsay lol she can fxck me up tbh

    Sydney Bladen

    I have never been so attracted to lindsey in my entire life

    Jade Welch

    What I love is that even approx 5yrs ago these women would have been asked to have chosen an icon that is their race & gender. They wouldn’t have been allowed to dress as another race/gender without a tonne of hate/backlash. So I’m glad that these 4 beautiful women just got to choose their genuine icons! So I actually got a bit emotional thinking about that change that has happened in this world, for the better!! I love that these 4 women seem soooo close. They actually seem to have a genuine friendship in these videos too. It’s lovely to see their friendship, the laughing, gossiping and total banter.

    Olivia Tedrow

    Who’s here to make sure Harry Styles knows Lindsay exists

    Destiny One and Only!

    Well I didn’t expect to be so depressed cuz because of the fact I don’t have a support group like that 🙃 their so lucky to have each other lol


    Best transformation video yet!

    Kira Huls

    This video is just 15 minutes of women being kind and complimenting each other, and I AM HERE FOR IT

    Leah MATTAR

    I love how when each person did their music icon…the others would say how much they love them as themselves!!

    Chelsea Cristina

    BuzzFeed please contact harry so he can meet his number one fan !!!! 💓

    Leah MATTAR

    I love you guys!!

    marina anater

    Ok I'm crying

    Madelyn Grace Hooten

    Lindsay yer a harry

    Susan L.

    Joyce is definitely a mood.

    Saskia Béliveau

    It’s so beautiful to se other woman supporting each other like this, it made me cry

    Sam Marie

    This was one of the best videos you’ve done in a long time
    Hearing what they had to say about each other and how well done the looks were-amazing

    Mónica Aparicio

    Beautiful video

    Shaddye Cortez

    I feel like everyone can be a damn model 👏

    The Lonely Artist

    Can we all appreciate that Joyce starts crying whenever she talks about her friends.

    Banana Jones

    Yes!! I see so many of these in the comments, but I just wanna say that this is such a wonderful video. I LOVE the fact that this video is so motivational and happy and it’s honestly just about bringing up the other women. What a great way to wrap up the decade.

    Niki Thurman

    The way you talk about each other is incredibly important and powerful. Thank you.

    Emi A

    Low-key feeling the need to spam Harry until he notices Lindsey

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