Best New Beauty Launches: Spring 2019

Main Best New Beauty Launches: Spring 2019

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    There are loads of great beauty launches for spring, here are my favourites. If you are looking to change up your skincare or makeup routine then these are all …


    Pencilfriend Paperscribbler

    Your earrings are adorable!!


    minnie saab



    Dean Smith

    Oh god. That’s just cost me about a £100. I need most of that 😂 LR C. Yes. EH Gel. Yes. Weleda. Yes.


    anon a

    Ive a question: i ordered Timeless vitamin C 20% and ive used few times and it does smell like meat on my skin after i wash it next morning! and the smell will be there for 2 days!! is it normal for vitamin C with high concentration to smell like that?


    Qianxiong Yang

    Ruth, which colour are you in the Clinique Even better refresh?



    I absolutely LIVE for your eye look here 😍💖


    Daisy Chiu


    What shade do you wear for the new Clinique Refresh foundation? Thanks


    Aliki M

    I always like watching these videos, thanks Ruth, for all the hard work! Though my skin care approach is different than yours – I use the big guns of dermatology and like to go aggressive, like tretinoin, 30% AHA as a treatment once a week, 30% vitamin C, hydroquinone and all of them incorporated into a Korean style beauty regime- I love seeing the new releases and I will definitely try out a couple of these. Weleda skin food light sounds so good, I loved the thicker version. And the vitamin C serum from La Roche Posay seems like a milder one to use under the blistering Mediterranean sun. (We have been having rains so far, but summer is just around the corner.) 😘❤️


    Anne Cooper

    texting while cleansing your face? that's why you might only have one hand LOL – thanks for checking these products out for us Ruth – your eyeshadow is gorgeous! 🌸 XO


    Lil Rockapotamus

    Does anyone know if the new Emma Harder cleanser is similar in texture to the Oskia Renaissance cleanser? I have to switch to that one in summer as the original EH balm turns to liquid in the heat (I am not in the UK). I can’t buy either where I live and have to order from the UK so any advice would be welcomed. ☺️


    Kay Conway

    Hi Ruth, could you please list the brush you used to put your foundation on and also the shade, thank you…….


    Ana Fernandes

    Please tell us what's the eyeshadow you're wearing in this vídeo.


    Valerie Moitoso

    Hi Ruth, Gorgeous as ever, your makeup is always so beautifully done. Please do some make up videos I love how natural it looks.😊💕


    Lisa Hide

    Love the look/sound of the Clinique even better refresh foundation. What shade are you? Thank you 😊 x



    Another fab review xx


    Fiona O’Neill

    Loved this video, thank you😘 are the vit c and retinol products ok to use on pcos acne prone skin?



    Would love to see a tutorial on this eye look. So pretty.



    I bought the Vitamin c Serum 2 weeks ago and had to return it mostly because it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. And I hated the scent. Even hours after applying my skin had a strange smell like a cheap self tanner… Bummer 👎🏼


    Eliza Don

    14:05 Toujours un tantinet coquine 😊


    Polly Dolly

    Ruth, that is some perky ponytail you have going on 😉



    Love you and your reviews, videos, talk, voice …. etc. Fan for life.

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)

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