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    Coachella Controversies That Celebrities Never Forgot Subscribe to our channel: …


    Tjen Broun

    Seriously a let the mother have a little fun geez
    All mothers go out 2 moths after birth



    I loved you guys used the 2016 promo video because that's the year I went ❤️


    GenXx 123

    Thank you next, we dont wanna see kanya west


    Emy Roa

    I'm okay with having Asian Queens Blackpink at the Coachella, coz I know it's all clean fun though rocked and hyped! 💕


    Pratiek Paudel

    Your Content are always awesome



    I just want Blackpink and Ariana Grande interaction at Coachella


    Shanna Lilliston

    I want to go to Coachella just to see if I'll run into JB and Hailey. That would be a Dream.


    NIVA T

    BlackPink preforming at Coachella is gonna be amazing x


    Ashley Alexander

    Omg every YouTuber only talks about Coachella and it is so annoying. Some people saying it is perfect and other saying it tell bad. If it bad don’t go don’t let ur viewers hav to hear u nag and complain. Just don’t go
    😂 😝


    Brenda Jayden

    2:57 ewww wtf is that


    Skylah Lemke



    Wendy Elise

    Honestly what Gigi and Taylor did is super rude


    McLean.t.w88 Dun

    wats blackpink


    Jada Coe

    this is sooo hard to follow


    Cesar Andrade-Gazca

    Whos going to COACHELLA??


    mokawax ddm

    B L A C K P I N K ❤💓


    Tyreek Murillo

    what even is a coachella


    selenator forever

    70% of the comments are about Blackpink woww…..


    Gemma Diaz

    “Shake them bones”
    I love him😂


    duck brewster

    I need ya'll to build me a massive dome yo or I don't play…What a tool


    Ella Roberts

    When was coachella???

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)

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