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    Aria competes with professional stylist Mikael to see who can dress Merle better for a date night. Special Thanks To: Mikael Sharafyan: …


    Jona Marie

    Mikael is the sweetest person ever


    Nehama W

    Wait… But the other outfit was soooo much better! I do get her choice sorta but like I want that other outfit!



    Cutes thing I've seen in a while


    Nehama W

    I love all the stylist items! Aria should have totally gone with the jacket for her. Not those dresses.


    Chac Chan

    Ahh! I really love the outfit Aria picked out! Hated the stylist outfit. It was really textbook boring fashion.


    Kate Cat

    This is sweet 😍😍😍 love both outfits!


    Gavri Lauri

    Merle: my boyfriend (with an awkward face)
    Aria: (smirks)


    Jimmy Nguyen

    JFC AriaxMerle is insufferably cute. 😍😂


    Safiyyah Rahman

    She called aria as her boyfriend, weren’t we all waiting for this.


    Sasha Mendieta

    as a European i was very confused about jumper meaning jumpsuit in the US! Here it means like a 'sweater' (is that what you guys call it?) Is this all of the US? Is a jumpsuit a jumper over there??



    Why does the stylist look like a karaoke coordinator at a wedding



    Merle kinda looked like a mix of Jordana Brewster and Nikki Reed in that car photoshoot pic


    Lexie Foxx

    3:11 is so relatable, WHY?!



    Rip to the designer picking all kinds of animal skin not knowing merle is vegan oof





    Farah Khan

    Date night outfit challenge.
    Aria: Scrunchies! She loves scrunchies!
    Smh. You innocent soul.


    adriana irwin

    Buffalo exchange be 300 out


    Kacey O’ Riordan

    The stylist’s outfit would be great for a festival but it’s a bit much for a date night



    I loved aria's outfit


    Ava T

    Hahaha cute the pause before “boyfriend” she’s still getting used to it being public


    Ailer Aguilar

    Digging this thread * fyi



    When Merle walked out of the closet wearing Aria's pick, I was stunned for a moment because she wasn't wearing a bra. She really rocked that outfit though!


    Jess Lachlan

    "Titillate me Mikael, ok?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    kraft dinner

    Getting kendall jenner vibes from that 2nd outfit

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