Brides Want to Find Unique Dresses That Work Well Together | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Main Brides Want to Find Unique Dresses That Work Well Together | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

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    Say Yes to the Dress

    Lisa-Jo & Vicky are getting married in a woodland setting and want to wear different dresses that complement each other. Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC …


    Shady Unicorn

    My God If in any universe they could have children together…those children would look insanely hot


    Lillian Earls

    Aw they both looked amazing


    Sehajpreet Kaur

    Such beautiful dresses at perfectly reasonable price.


    Emu Tresh

    I love the levels of development Say Yes to The Dress has for the LGBTQ community. Even before any other TV shows jumped on the LGBTQ train they where there 🙄


    queen khan

    Are they sisters


    Alina Tanschi

    I liked the first dress on the bride with the ponytail more


    divya verma

    SYTTDL have the variety of dresses under lesser price range,unlike others with only Dianda of London! The best version of yes to the dress so far… Also, the consultant is Love!!



    Ok this series is the best of all the SYTTD



    They all look so pretty!!!


    Virginia Stirnweis

    I love that the family is so supportive of the ladies and helping them find the perfect dresses. They are a beautiful couple


    Apurva S

    I somehow liked first dress on Vicky along with Lisa's third one. But the second one too looks powerful as she put it for Lisa. Beautiful couple!


    Maggie Obersat

    Whoa! I was NOT expecting that.



    Dead eyes.



    This has quickly become my most favorite version of this show, with Ireland being a very close second! And the support of the family here…All these fucking onions!😭😭


    Farah Alya

    Totally loving all the dresses shown in SYTTDL. The UK version only show the same Dando London dress & the US with their Phina Tornai zzZz it gets boring


    Alecia Harridon

    So I'll have to travel from Jamaica to Lancashire to get this great customer service and beautiful dresses 😪? Well it's a good thing I'm not engaged



    ”the colours nice”

    it’s white



    Finding the dress for one bride is already not easy, and finding it for TWO brides who wish to look different yet complement each other is double (more like quadruple) the challenge! O_O

    Kudos to Gok and his team of stylist for a job well done, and congrats to the happy couple!


    Karolina Jarosz

    Gok is the best



    Why am I crying? I don't know these people :'')


    Agnes Rymbai

    The dad is a fashionista😂…

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)

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