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    Say Yes to the Dress

    Sofie wants a fitted dress to make her look and feel sexy during her wedding, but she also wants to try on at least one princess gown to be absolutely sure that is …


    Leah O’Donovan

    I am not trying to be mean but…..

    U are skinny and your friends are fat ……..


    Stop reading My name

    why is all my attention going to her teeth


    anna banana

    Take a drink every time they say "sexy"


    Jasmine Valencia

    Oml Randy would never let her put on a dress over her budget! 💀💀🙈


    Helda Hogabriyan

    That dress always comes to rescue


    Klaudia Maliszewska

    Also why does her friend make me think of a seal


    Pink Heart

    Her heart isnt set on the princess dress but her heart is set on not going overbudget with the dress she liked that is the mermaid dress.
    If it was in her budget she would of got the 3rd dress already 🤷‍♀️


    Klaudia Maliszewska

    Well she can’t be sexy with or without a dress if she doesn’t have tits


    A J

    33 times…. The word 'sexy' was used 33 times only?! It feels like every other word was 'sexy'



    im gonna punch someone today if they mention the words SEXY. i get enough of that word in one video.


    Azmari Shabnam Lea

    They pronounce sexy 34 times…. 😂😂


    Eszter Tóth

    Her boobs were all over the place in the 2nd and 3rd dresses! 😬😱😨😦 I've also seen the 3rd dress, I dunno… just 'bout a BILLION TIMES!!!


    Violet Rain

    All 3 dresses were hideous. I feel like we pretty much saw her entire breasts, and they aren't attractive breasts either.


    Paws, claws And whiskers

    Ugh omg I can’t watch syttd UK their accents 😑


    Christine Mae Rabina

    I heard enough 'sexy' today. Bye


    Maja Dideriksen

    Youtube need a “count a word”…



    I am just not a fan of plunging neckline dresses. It doesn't look flattering at all, just looks like peekaboo side boob…



    i love the show but i wouldnt go there…. somebody else picks items for you, they give you 3 dresses and you have to pick one when there are thousands of styles outthere available


    Devina Anindita

    I love the princess dress better


    Jemma J

    The second is beautiful 💓


    amani shalabi

    she didnt see it on the mannequin, the guy pointed to it and asked if it was around the idea she was talking about it, and they put it on her. either way they should have told her the price before they put it on her if they knew it was over her budget.


    Mae Lee

    who else thought it was done right when she tried on the ballgown????



    Owh that Morilee's dress is very Beautiful and within her budget..


    Christine Babbitt

    Is it me or do they always show a dress that’s over budget? Like what’s the point of even asking?


    C B

    Her teeth and voice are not sexy.


    Kylie Joy

    6 months is too soon

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)

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