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    “Her chin had an indent from one of my brace brackets.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

    Evan Duarte

    OMG please do colorguard horror stories!!

    Grande Lover

    Vanessa seems kind of full of herself no cap😂

    vlog on a buget

    8 years old I was a flyer got dropped by the high schoolers they didn't have any small enough flyers so they took from the younger team anyway the did not catch I hit the mat lucky me they didn't toss me to high and I got out with a sprain a huge bruise on my back

    madelyn parker

    my backspot backed up when our stunt was doing a stunt and i fell and i strained my neck in a couple places so yeah

    Annika grace

    it s called prep not elevator


    My mom was a cheerleader and since she is small and short, she was a flyer. Surprise surprise she broke her nose because she landed face first on a girls elbow

    Addy Mae

    My story is my coach bullied me and body shamed me

    The Challengers

    I’m a soccer player and I have no idea why I’m watching this!😅

    Aylin Dutt

    i wish we could have heard from all star cheerleadera

    Chicken Nugget

    Band horror stories plz

    weston monroe

    a cradle… from a half… did y’all like that????

    julia y

    so…. who calls it an elevator? it’s just a half

    Cay h

    do this with former competition cheerleaders


    The worst thing that happened for our team is a girl was cradling and she went to far back and hit the back spot on the head… right before the game

    Alyssa-Michelle Tims

    I have a brace bracket indent from my secondary base doing to same thing 😂

    Phat or Fat

    The story of the tooth…The same thing happened to me, well, at least the way the teeth moved. I was a tiny 3 yo and was practically ran over, which ended up with my teeth bending abnormally, making them become a "dead tooth," AND earning me the nickname snaggletooth, (until it fell out and I got braces)

    Megan Miyamoto

    You should do this for Marching band

    Melanie valles

    Im a backspot and during a stunt the we had to throw our flyer up in the air and when she was coming down the bases stepped back and i caught the flyer by her ankels and her head almost hit her head , same girl we dropped at cheer camp

    The clown Princess

    This is why im a band nerd😅🤣👌🏻

    Ellie Nguyen

    Am i the only one that’s annoyed about the constant zooming in and out


    None of these are horror stories 😂 talk to an all star cheerleader.. I have wayyy worse stories lol


    I do color guard and this girl knocked this boys tooth out ☠️

    Blossom-Kate Garbutt

    i hate teeth injuries, it just makes me squirm 🥴

    John Rife

    I would have paid good money to switch places with her on that sock ritual.

    Lisbeth Vazquez

    All the cheer leaders at my school are thick, some over weight. There is like one girl who is sorta thin but that’s it. And I’m skinny, flexible, a decent dancer, and quick leaner. I’m not on the cheer team though… cause I don’t want to be with them (mean girls) so I’m in XC & Track but I know that I would be incredibly great at cheer

    Judging Pageantry

    I can totally relate to the nose story. I was in a gym class and we played basketball. My friend Lilly said "I'm suprised we didn't get hit with basketballs yet". I replied "yeah" and a ball hit me in the face and I had to go to the nurse. We still laugh about the story sometimes.

    Emma baker

    Do musicians share

    supercool_ me


    yea im dark

    Jenny Hutchinson

    I have never heard someone call a prep an “elevator”

    Emily Antognoli

    It’s a tradition for our cheer team for the seniors to prank the freshman the second night at UCA camp. I remember freshman year the seniors hid an open can of tuna under my best friends bed and every time they got rid of it they put another can under until the end of the week

    Gracee Jade

    hearing the one girl call a prep an elevator really threw me off. do people actually call it that?

    mckenzie 123

    Why did no one tell her that her boob was out ?!??

    C Schell

    This is nothing. If y’all want some real traumatizing stories hit me up I’ve been cheering for like 15 years.

    noah Merr

    You should do all star cheer version

    Pix Routhorn

    I thought the thumbnail had a giant chicken nugget in the middle, turns out it was just the pom pom. Is this just me?

    Norreal Robinson

    I used to cheerlead in high school and my coach used to allow us to wear hats and scarves during football games because it used to be 20 and below. So I was wearing a scarf during the thanksgiving game and me and my stunt group were about to do a basket toss because we did them every time our team made a touchdown. So when we set our flyer up to do the basket toss ( I was a back spot by the way ) our flyer when up and my scarf flew over my face and when it was time for me to catch her I put my arms out but I couldn’t see so she literally fell through my hand from like 12 feet in the air on her back it was terrible I felt so bad and was so traumatized

    Gamer wolf87

    I only did cheer once in seventh grade for once season and I hated it.

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