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    Alex Centomo

    I bring you guys along shopping with me as I look for last minute festival pieces! Follow me on instagram: I Try on All of …


    Alex Centomo

    Hopefully this helps you get some ideas for any festivals you’re going to this year! Although I am not at Coachella, I’m really enjoying my relaxing weekend in Joshua Tree. Stay tuned for some festival content and a vlog 🌵✨☪️



    the more cropped the better


    sarah j

    I love your shop with me vids 😻😻😻


    Ivey Ro

    I love the gossip girl reference, best CW show ever


    Autumn Miller

    What lipstick are you wearing?🥰😍 it looks bomb AF


    Ana Epalza

    Hi 😊 i'm new to your channel but i like your videos 😉 and i was wondering if you have any tips for me because i started a Youtube channel 👌❣️


    Lainie McCluskey

    You're so Pretty! What mascara do you use??


    Abigail Roche

    you are ROCKING the bucket hat !!


    Jessica Harris

    Alex: “Dan what do you think?”
    *Dan looks up from phone*: “Cool.”

    If that isn’t me with my sister hahaha



    Loved everything! Where is the pearl barrette you’re wearing in your hair from?


    Maggie Hasper

    You’re the cutesttttt 💗



    Love that pink velvety puffer jacket you're wearing. Where's it from?


    Sarah Lux

    OMG i work at brandy and now im so mad i didn't have a shift the day you went 🙁



    you should dye your old grass stained shorts a khaki/olive color


    Nicole Diaz

    Are your glasses prescription ?? Where did you get them 😫


    Amy Hughes

    I think you actually really rock the bucket hat



    Can you pls come to Ottawa soon!!


    Liliana Fendler

    ok youre 30 shopping at brandy melville no one else find that weird?



    Love seeing what people put together for their festival outfits!! Hope your enjoying your weekend 💕


    Saskia X

    Love your style and love this video



    I have a question about brandy ! Because there is no size right? But does it fit people from the size XS to L ? How does it work? I never understood ! It's the best though for simple and cute clothes 😍


    Sophie Hannig

    Where is the purple jacket from in the brandy part??? So cute


    Dannie Liao

    what bralette do you wear?? could you recommend some good ones for big chested girls please 🥺


    Rennie Alli

    Love your style girl and you're so beautiful keep shining girl



    I love shopping videos! Yours are my favorite & you look Gorgeous btw😍❤️


    Makyden Parreira

    “I like seeing what other people buy because I’m a nosey bitch” same!😂


    Michelle Karas

    When u had the vhs like recording tape for when u tried on the pieces was so cute and aesthetically pleasing 🤩😍


    Michelle Karas

    U need to be in Vogue Magazine. Like ur style, and just smile and personality. Ur a literal angel. 😍🥰🤩


    Ariel Alena

    YOUR STYLE IS SOOOO CUTE !! i can't wait to see your festival outfits omg



    I love your style girl✨


    Maliha Sultana

    Just finished re-watching your 2018 coachella vlog an hour ago :v


    Carinne Lilac

    I am an ambassador of Capitola watches from Spain & chic little heroes, a Disney accessories brand from USA 😊


    Carinne Lilac

    Hello Alex, I love watching your fashion & beauty vlogs, hope you & your family are doing fine 😊


    Hannah Renee

    Love that you’re doing something different for festival season this year❤️


    Maisie Jones

    Loveeeee watching festival outfit vids, especially because festivals in England start in June/July so I have time to get inspo for my own fits!!!!


    Jasmin Marie

    not going to coachella, but love watching festival inspo vids


    Aimée Rosewood

    Early Squad where u at ?🙌😊


    Laura Jasmin

    This is stylish!


    Angel Wills



    A.K. A.

    Move aside peasants the Coachella Queen (Alex) is preparing for battle with her crop tops and shorts. ❤️❤️❤️🕶️👑🌞



    your jewelry is so cute on this video!! and i love these type of videos too ❤️ hope your enjoying your time in Joshua Tree, it looks amazing 🤩 also, my favorites artists rn are King Princesse, Conan Gray and Harry Styles 😋💕 love uu


    Pastel Julia :*:・゚

    Who else loves her style? 👌🏼😍❤️🌿

    Love from a smoll youtuber🌹

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