Easter Nail Art For Beginners Using A TOOTHPICK!

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    SHOP OUR FAVE NAIL PRODUCTS & TOOLS: No tool nail art! Only a household item: A TOOTHPICK! In today’s nail …

    Ellie Cox

    Super cute design's!

    Samantha Lopez

    The baby chick and the carrot are my favorites

    Юлия Юлия

    I love the lamb, chick, carrot and bunny) Almost all designs!

    Melodie Wright

    Why dont nail techs ever paint to the cuticle? They already almost look grown out after just being done. So many do it, so there has to be a legit reason. What is it?

    Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl

    Very cute

    Fy Fg


    Elza K

    0w0 so cute


    The bunny and the carrot are my favorite

    Tapan Tarafdar

    So Cute🥰🥰💅💅

    Jill Lugay

    These all look great! Thanks for continuing to put content out during the times. Now that a lot of us have more time on our hands to paint!

    Cynthia McWhorter

    I like the bunny the best

    Cynthia Johnson

    They're all so cute but the bunny is my favorite … 🐰☺️

    Alejandra Salazar

    why does it feel like I'm back on 2013?

    Carole Annette

    Loveeee this! 🥰😍

    Jeanne Sohre

    Loved all of them adorable


    Omy supper cute my favorite is definitely the bunny 🐰 my second is the 🐣 chick I am going to try them out ASAP

    Susanne S

    That bunny is darling! 😍💗

    *- Røse -*

    Becca is so talented ! And these designs are so cute 😍😘💕💅

    T B

    Cute 😊


    BUNNYYY 😍🐰🐰🐰


    The lamb!

    ThisisSarah 81585

    Those are your natural nails?! They're perfect!

    Carolina Noriega

    So cute especially the carrot!

    Sydney Jenks

    They look so easy but I know if I try I’ll fail miserably

    NaFaDFi Vlogs

    This is actually for me😅🥰🥰

    Pineapple Person

    I always find your tutorials right after I just painted my nails. 😑😂

    Jeudi Cáceres

    These are super adorable! 💛

    Beth Goodman

    Love the bunny!!!

    Norah Araujo

    I love these so much. Thanks for sharing them. 💕

    My Nails by Johna


    charlie macdonald

    I liked the bunny



    Cherael Symone

    This is super cute, i like


    The 🐑

    Lu Ann Wiegman

    All so cute 😍💕 can't decide


    Bunny or lamb ❤️


    The lamb is so cute!

    Amanda Freitas

    Trying all of them 💖


    great content it was really entertaining


    amazing video you deserve more subscribers

    Angi Shiflett

    The lamb was my favorite

    Miz Angel

    LOVE your nail shape

    Miz Angel

    the chick is adorable

    Daniela Salinas

    My favorite thing to do is watch beginners nail videos even though I’ve been doing my nails for over 4 years now 🤣

    Fabulous World!

    I don't have anything to do so i guess i will paint my nails.

    The nights Ash

    So cute I loved it 🥰😍


    I love the bunny

    jelly beann

    The bunny looks like jungkook♥

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