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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I use some products that are GREAT for super fast liner, lashes and faux freckles! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for …


    Hi my friends!!!!!!!!!! Hope you’re having a great week so far!! Enjoy my new fav makeup look! Lol

    Dorian Johnson

    So my other fave Samantha Ravndahl was reminiscing about meeting you the first time and not realizing who you were. You were so sweet to her and celebrated her artistry. You are such a sweet representation of GRL PWR.

    Ee Laine Hoo

    I must say that I enjoy your chaotic energy HAHA

    Tammy St. Jean

    The frozen face thing is bullshit I've gotten Botox I get it in my scalp and face because I have hyperhydrosis just not in my armpits and I can still move my face and lift my eyebrows but I don't have forehead lines so I don't know if it did any thing but I got like 40 needles from my eyebrows to the base of my skull and the only "frozen" I felt was the cold from the botox entering my skin because it needs to be kept cold.

    Melissa Bhuiyan

    Kathleeeeen! I just wanted to let you know they have a extra large version of the Freck! Like so she can see 😬


    kathleen i would LOVE to see an updated skincare video!!

    Chantel Olivares

    22 dolars for less than 2 ml of freckles!? IN THIS ECONOMY?

    Mitris Makeup

    My favorite thing about Kathleen’s videos is in the Intro where she goes on to 10 different tangents lol

    Lorena B.

    Something I miss about old YouTube is when youtubers used show the colors on camera and do swatches of everything. Kathleen I'd love if you did swatches as you play with your makeup💞 does anyone else agree?

    Pokemon Lover

    I've wanted Freck for a long time but I cant afford it right now. 😭

    Tidaa Hurme

    Kathleen!! Try to do the lashes under your own lashes 🥺

    May Borges

    Always hated my freckles growing up and now everyone wants them. So grateful I have them now!

    Monique Garcia

    i just bought freck on an impulse and omg i didn’t know it was THAT TINY. hopefully it’s worth it 😭


    I hope Kathleen doesn’t get Botox but if it will make her happy.. like I think she’s so gorgeous and her being natural separated her from other influencers. She doesn’t have that fakey look, just stunning.

    hh love

    You can still move your forehead and make expressions after getting Botox, just not THAT extreme. So in my humble opinion it won’t affect u much. (Ps I just got it 2 days ago)

    Abigail Chamberlain

    Who else is obsessed with freckles right now? 👋

    Cat’s Beauty Corner

    People shouldn’t be doing fake freckles. Can still totally tell that they are fake. Not a good look.

    Jayme Lynn

    Yo, anyone else seen the sketch ass “temporary tattoo eyebrows” ad on Facebook that uses clips of Kathleens eyes😩🤣 I’m just curious if it’s just me

    Lauren Glenn

    I think this is my favorite look you’ve ever done! And I’ve been watching you for yyeeeaarrrss like maybe 8? Probably longer haha

    Tanika Jaun

    this makeup is flawless!!! love!


    Your key tattoo is no longer visible! Please do an update on your laser removal!

    Pokemon Lover

    Your expressions are a part of who you are. Every human has a face that moves in different areas. If it were to be frozen it would be such a dame shame. But whatever your comfortable with, its your life and your face and your amazing! But my vote is please please no 😭

    Cat J

    i love the conversation about botox

    Shaneh Rodgers

    If I were you I wouldn't get botox yet. It moves into your surrounding tissues, so it's not a sure thing #1. People end up getting too much aka JH. I believe she's NOT intentionally filling her whole face. It's just that her filler is moving into those areas and as she piles more botox into the exact area wanted, it continues to move around. So now her entire face appears injected. She didn't need anything to begin with. She was drop dead gorgeous before ever doing any fillers. These things do not come without consequences so keep that in mind. Also you don't need anything done. You are also drop dead gorgeous. If you want to do a little down the road when lines start to get deeper, but before any real deep wrinkles I would suggest that you not get fillers in your face. I know you already had filler done on your smile lines in the past. I remember you saying that in your video with Kristi. Do what is going to make you happy, but just know that you don't need it. You are adorable on top of being gorgeous. You shouldn't mess with that imo. Just sayin! I don't think anyone should get botox or filler for simple fine lines. I think it actually makes the lines deeper and worse as it wears off creating the need to continue having it done again and again. Plus the problem of filler and botox moving into your other tissues you weren't intending to fill is a very real issue and you can find yourself feeling trapped into "needing" more and more very easily. Before you know it…… You look like the person I mentioned earlier. Yes she's gained some weight, she's also been getting filler and botox for many years now. I believe because of her not knowing the difference between her face just filling out from weight gain or filler spreading she's found herself caught up into having to have injections in areas she never wanted to have them done in the first place. I hope you are following what I mean. She is and always will be gorgeous no matter what she does. I'm just trying to be informative for you and that's the only person I know that you would know to try to give you an example.

    Kittie Peters

    Kathleen!! I bought Mila and I'm wearing it right now, and shes so classy but edgy and unique. The brush is wonderful, too!


    I'm your age, so believe me, I TOTALLY get the paranoia about aging, but we are too young for Botox! I bet your forehead looks like it always did, and you've just been zeroing in on the wrinkles. Literally, you look the same as four or five years ago! Seriously, I watched a vid from four yrs ago, thinking it was new.


    Wow this look looks so beautiful on you

    Alyssa Cascos

    Wow that makeup look with those faux freckles is everything 💕💕💕

    Hayley Kesler

    I would love to see the freckles with like a beach day makeup look or something!

    Khushi Arora

    Ahh , i m sad kathleen , you were the only one who didnt do eyeliner….but now you also do !!!darnn itttttt ….where tf do i go now?!!??

    Dexter Lopez

    love your brows


    But which blush brush are you using here ??

    Khushi Arora

    How's the curly hair journey going Kat?!


    I have freckles and they can get dark so I think it looks for realistic if they’re a bit darker lol also I only have them down my nose, upper lip and one cheek. Don’t really have any on the other cheek so weird 😂


    I’m glad you’re into winged liner right now. It’s amazing on you❤️🤎

    Misti Nolen

    That freckle product is henna.

    Selena Nikki Costa

    girllll if you only put a little bit of botox it wont interfere with your facial expressions its only if you ask them to completely freeze your forhead that you cannot move it……. its honestly the best thing for a little brow lift and to smooth out dry skin and wrinkles life saver

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