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    Hey, Guys! v(WATCH IN HD) Here is my UPDATED Brow Routine! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I Used: Benefit Precisely My Brow in #4 …


    Hi friends! Happy Sunday!!!!!
    Wanted to give you an updated brow routine! I show you my two fav ways to wear my brows! One is is natural & feathery and the other is fat and busshyyy hahahahaha I like em both! But it’s up to you! Hope you enjoy this video and thanks for being patient through my absence <3


    Kat if you don't do this makeup look, i sue


    LOVE the earrings

    mavi karinca

    Your make up looks so good !!!!! Definitly film this simple look 😍😍😍😍

    Emma Smith

    A week?
    Dam girl I don't think we are thinking that you underestimate our love for you
    Your a sweetheart for apologizing but it's not necessary ♥️

    Emma Smith

    I have a favourite eyebrow…and a favorite eye for my lashes
    They are on opposite sides so it balances out lol

    Leah And 26 Letters

    Received my polish already! Love it!!

    Stephannie Metz

    I love your polish!!! I have Rosie on my fingers and HBIC on my toes. That brush…amazeballz!!!

    Gigi McGuane

    I have microbladed eyebrows and will never have to do my eyebrows again, but still watching.

    Felicia Marie Torre

    Chickens are plucked, eyebrows are tweezed. Just a friendly suggestion from a licensed Esthetician! ✌️

    Amanda Nichols

    I love her top and earrings 😍❤️💕

    Annel Moreno

    3:59 to get straight to the tutorial


    This was actually perfect today….I recently started trying to make mine more feathery and full but not really sure how, so thank you Kathleen! Luv u!!!!

    Yanfei Lu



    Kathleen reminding me that I absolutely have to go get my brows done for 15 minutes 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Jovana Kocić

    Since Das Expensive we need a shade called Juitzy!

    Lexi J

    Kathleen!! Can you PLEASE give us a glam makeup tutorial but using your favorite glam DRUGSTORE makeup???

    Monique Salibio

    Tutorial on this look please 💋

    Grace Guilliams

    Just got Jefa and HBIC in the mail! They’re so gorgeous!!! ❤️

    Bridalyn Dempsey

    Have you seen the newer eyebrow lamination trend?💕

    Melissa Petzer

    I have v thicc brows and I feel like I get the same effect as Kathleen does with the boy brow using the Colourpop brow gel. And it's like $5

    Cinthia Mo

    Me scrolling through my recommended: “oh snap! I thought she had cherry earrings”

    Also me: “ohhh wait… they are cherries. dasss cute!!!”

    Ashley Colley

    You should have merch or name nail polishes with “Tick” & “Joot-cy” lol 😂

    Krithika Shelvarajen

    Hey upload videos on makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & Summer Vs Winter bridal makeup please

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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