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    Carli Bybel

    I HOPE EVERYONE IS STAYING SAFE. ILY & I’m praying for you all. my last vlog: Follow Me Around: THE PAST 3 MONTHS! Bday & Holiday Festivities …

    Lisa Poppema

    awww he seems so shy!! And lovely 🙂 sooo happy for you guys!! You seem awesome !!! <3


    Your sister looks like a model!!!! Beautiful


    OMG Anthony with your cat at the end of the video! Most beautiful thing ever. He was allergic to cats before😂 but if you want a cat lady, you gotta become a cat lover too🐈❤️


    Pleaseeeee tell us where that stripped suit is from? 😍😩

    Chey boo L

    Holy man she’s waaaay into herself I just don’t understand girls like her it makes a woman no longer beautiful 🤦‍♀️ there is more to life other than your looks or money Carli. I hope one day you can realize this


    Awww you guys make me soooo happy 💕


    He’s so nice and optimistic and you can tell how proud he is to be with you too!

    Regina Marie Garcia

    😘 Loving your sister's flowy dress down the hall …

    Kimiya Karimi

    what lip color are you wearing at 1:36? So cute!!

    Sabah J.

    Can we have more of the car vlogs!!!!! Love when you take us with you. I really like how respectful your man is. I say stop looking, he is the ONE!! ❤️😘 Thanks for sharing! It was a nice distraction from this virus mess

    Brenda Skies

    SO happy you guys are together 💗 it’s amazing watching you two, blessings 🥰

    shahira mustafa

    I kept thinking who does Anthony reminds me of and I just figured it out! he sounds exactly like Vince Vaughn, or is it just me? hahaha love you carli xx

    Dania Khaled

    You guyss relationship gives me hope❤️bless you and keep evil eyes away 💙 mashalllllah mashallah

    Dania Khaled

    The Rolex lady was so sweet awww

    Dania Khaled

    How’s Carlis body so perfect 💔💔💔 I need a what I eat video but in details like actually then her workout routine! I’m suffering😩

    Patricia Guerra

    Carli you look very pretty with no make up.

    Lisa Ayala

    You two together are the best – so happy for you 🙂


    The way he’s adoring you in the thumbnail is everything girl get it 🔥❤️👏🏼!!!! Yessssss queen 👑 😘😘😘😘


    18:39 I can’t be the only one who thought carli ran her man over !! 😂😂😂

    Patricia Guerra

    Your mom is so pretty. Amanda is very pretty too. Hi Amanda. You got your mom’s eyes 👍🏻

    Jessica Anne Marquina

    Put your jacket! Lol your boyfriend is just like my husband hes like cover your chest if its cold you always get sick and I always say yes dad lol been doing that to me 10+ years haha it gets on my nerves but I know he cares and I secretly love it 😂 even though he gets a million eye rolls from me

    Char Davis

    Gosh you guys are so so so good together, makes me soo happy to see it ❤️❤️❤️

    A & J

    absolutely adore you and your boyfriends relationship! he looks happy with you

    Ann Margaret

    Does your boyfriend have a YouTube channel? He should do a hair cutting channel or something. He’s super cool, and so are you. Prayers and love from Australia. Hands across the water ! .

    K Leigh


    Елена Досбекова


    L G

    youre soooo jersey love it! <3


    the lady from the rolex store is too precioussss

    Hillary Duran

    You are body goals😍😩

    Jessica Rodriguez

    Y’all are definitely getting married!!1

    Erika Noel

    Seems like a super nice, genuine man. And it’s nice that he’s got his own thing going on…

    Gabby Saavedra

    “Only old ladies wear mumu’s” haha 😂

    Aranda Whicker

    Your video thumbnail looks like he was staring at your chest. Haha

    Jashaydee Cruz

    Needed this! Love your vlogs! So happy that you’ve found your person. 🥰💛

    Sabrina Ali

    He is such a daddy 😍🤪 10/10

    Mrs. Lopez

    I feel so disappointed since you cut that footage of your cats in the end. Unsubscribing….
    Just kidding😂 but they're sooooo lovely omg😍
    And btw I love that man for you is so manly and kind and thoughtful and cute… wow is a keeper 100%❤

    Brendita M

    Awe carli you look so happy!

    Lindsay N23

    Lol you guys are so jersey!! I love it 🥰

    Yessy Stark

    YEEEHHH!!! Finally Thank you very much I love follow me Around The best for me my favorites you look THE QUEEN OF BEUTY your CC and your Mommy kisses please, they look amazing I love to see you with your family its the only maters and you look happy with that handsome gentlemen. More More More videos like this Thank you 😘😘😘

    Sarah’s Edit

    Love how you both bounce off each other as a couple, it’s so lovely to see you so happy he seems like a true gentleman, take a jacket 😂 😍

    To Do

    You’ll marry him!


    Can you do a makeup look on your eyeshadow at twelve minutes and 30 seconds

    Alessia P

    Fully invested in this relationship….

    Brielle Bray

    i adore you and Anthony!! The love really radiates off you two its so cute to watch! So happy for you both & congrats Anthony on the barber shop 🙂


    I rarely comment but you’re like the only YouTuber I’m still watching regularly. You’re just perfect and he seems so sweet. Italians 😍

    Erika Carrazco

    Omg I the chemistry you both have and the way your accents just flow with each other’s!!

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