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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) You guys really wanted to see me test out all of Sephoras PRICIEST items… and OH BOY… Das Esspensive… But so fun to film!



    Wanna see me be SO SHOCKED by a price I gotta say it TWICE? (Every single time lmfao) THEN THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOUUUU!!!! Enjoy ! Hahahha


    Eva Rey

    Okay Kathleen, please do this exact look again using drugstore or affordable makeup. And put up a side by side picture of the after makeup looks.



    Hopefully Ghostfacers will make an appearance one last time 🤞🏾



    What brush did she use to blend out her concealer?


    Maya Pohl




    I am ashamed to say I have quite a few items you tired in this video. Except the lip products I’ve really been holding out. I had the nerve to tell my husband I don’t even spend that much on makeup 🤥😬


    Megan Teachworth

    Please please please do a dupe video for this makeup! You looked so amazing at the end!!


    Adriana Canavati

    Love your humor,so funny ,great job



    your commentary never fails to make me laugh



    I would like to see a recreation of this look but with cheaper options! I know Kathleen can do it, I believe in her!!!


    Tisha Veen

    Damn! That's almost a hundred thousand in Philippine money. Enough for at least two terms of my graduate studies 🤣🤣


    Maite Figueroa

    uses a wet n wild brush to apply a Tom Ford bronzer 😂😂 gotta stay humble


    Beauty by Linda V

    Mija that’s esssssspensive!! You know what I want to do… a video recreating this look with waaaaayyyyy more affordable makeup… I don’t necessarily do videos because I don’t like the way I look and I’m so awkward on camera, but I just have the urge to make it and see if I end up liking it then I’ll post it. But Jesus Christ that A lot! I hope you go return that highlighter that was broken because that’s to much money “it needs to be perfect” love ya tons 💙… do more videos please… I wish every day there was a video notification from you! #Aquariusmoon



    I love how you pronounce "Christian Louboutin" LOL


    Lory Lopez36

    Oh lordt!! Love the milani Rose Passione. U put me on dat blush. She’s cute


    tina M

    Supernatural girl



    ghost! ghostfacers! we face the ghosts when others will not! lmao kathleen are you caught up with spn?!


    Sarah Ramsey

    louboutin lol


    Rita Almeida

    I thought the Sisley primer was like 120$? Which is like… a lot. But wow, that's something else


    Kb Stella

    Holy F!!! Your look is gorgeous, the eyes are amazing (I LOVE that red eyeliner with this look) but dayum that ‘spensive!


    Ellie D74

    That highlight is really sick on you. I'm glad you bought it; I'd be happier if you bought for me! jk…….not!



    Your eyes in the thumbnail…dead😂😂😂


    Myka R.

    Love this Kathleen!!! I'd love a how-to make ur cheap makeup look luxurious video♥️


    Jihee Lee

    19:3519:40 on repeat HAHA


    Jackie Carter

    KAthleen this look is beautiful, and I love the glowy primer although you didnt


    Latasha Henry

    I just want to know how you have on long sleeves. It has to be hot there because it’s still hot as hell in Louisiana.


    Jamie Liley

    Haha haha “dassss exxpeennssivve” ❤️


    Jodi Viergutz

    I am LOOOOOOOVING all these @kathleenlights videos!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Jennifer Mello

    Out of everything u mentioned, purchased and put on the ONLY thing I want with my whole heart is to own The Jaded Palette, my dream (literally just a dream) is to own EVERY SINGLE EYESHADOW Palette Colour Pop has EVER made. Then my life would be complete. Although that Res eyeliner I kinda liked lol…. Thank u KATHLEEN for ALWAYS making me life (something that's so rare these days) I appreciate u, ur honesty, positivity and ur vulnerability it reminds me that as much as I feel alone in this world I'm not. I hope U, Danny, fur babies and ur family have an Amazing Week XOXO


    Amber WN

    The total is more than the rent for my 3 bedroom apartment. Thats ridiculous.


    Emma Casillas

    I know this is very expensive makeup…. but wow, that face!!! I'm mesmerized!!



    Me: sees the price
    homer simpson scream


    Ylenia Gutiérrez

    I'm tacañaaaa


    Jennifer Ruegsegger

    Ghost, ghost facers! We go in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!



    You should now do a video where you dupe all of the most expensive makeup at Sephora with cheaper versions. Like how you were already mentioning with the blush!!

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