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    Carli Bybel

    HAPPY ALMOST THANKSGIVING! I LOVE YOU AND I’M THANKFUL FOR YOU. —————————————————————————– HIIIII 🙂 Today I am …


    Carli Bybel

    Hiii babes 🙂 I'm thankful for all of you <3


    Diana Soto

    😍 Love the look, I remember your cranberry series.
    🍾Congrats on the pallet girlie 🎨
    Happiness is the new glow💗


    Ana Catrina

    I would love to see a vlog with you putting up the Christmas decorations.



    Love the vibes✨Love the vlogs❤️


    Lippies& Loubs

    Foundation – Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Liquid foundation. Setting Powder – Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder will always be a fav. Congrats on everything lady much deserved and we can’t wait to meet your new bf lol! Love this makeup look btw


    Kosmetikinstitut Living

    I could not stop watching the smile in your background 🙂



    Babe, I love you – you know that… but those lashes are outta control! ♥


    Denise Rodriguez

    If you’re happy, everyone else’s opinion has no place. I know it can be hard to ignore but you’re happy and so focus your energy on the positive 🙂 love you carli!


    felicia seidl

    Yes share your new bf with us! I’m sad and single currently 😢


    jasmine hernandez

    I hope you can get past what people think and open up more about your new bf! We support you no matter 😘



    I love the nars natural radiant but they dont really hve my shade and they are not cruelty free… Im feel like Im searching for a foundation since forever haha (I dont want any matte foundation)


    Asma Minhas

    Cute hands and nails.attractive make over dear carly


    Sam A

    I never knew that your eyelash extensions are synthetic I thought they are real hair


    Bryony Briggs

    So happy for you Carli ❤️❤️ Such a beaut inside and out ❤️


    Chantelle J

    I hope this guy is the one! Honestly & genuinely because you deserve to be happy, have an amazing man who values & appreciates you so you can settle down & we can see you have some babies 😩😂 btw I love your palette! Only one I use. ❤️❤️❤️


    Palettes and Punchlines

    I'm happy you're happy! Also who cares about what other people think! You are too much of a boss babe to let anything negative affect you!!



    My favourite settingpowder is Nikkia Joy cosmetics, velvet finnishingpowder I think it's called. And my favourite foundation is the Beauty blender bounce.


    Wendi Brandenburg

    I LOVE my Hourglass setting powder!!


    Asrar Al.Ghamdi

    That eyeshadow 🧛🏽‍♀️ I LOVE IT


    Maria Ria

    So happy you have a boyfriend🥰💜 yay!!! Don't care what people think! Its your life, not theirs!! If your happy, your family , friends in your life and friends on youtube will be so happy for you, no one else's opinion matters💜

    And yes i have my Christmas decor up since like 3 weeks ago 😂 and for powder i love the rcma powder or the nabla powder😊 and i always wear the flower beauty light illusion foundation
    Beautiful look and loved the video!!. Xxxx💖🐧


    Jamie Elizabeth

    You deserve to be happy at your own pace 💜


    Pink Rainbow

    Her style hair makeup and outfit is what gives New Jersey style a bad name! TACKY & UNCOUTH AF


    Kelly G That’s Me

    Sooooooo doing this look



    The doctor and technician know the sex of the baby too lol


    Malka Shulamit Kalish

    It’s supposed to be like the Lancôme Absolu Radiance powders. Happy thanksgiving Carli!


    Taylor Miller

    Carli! I need cat advice. I recently found a cat (just like you did with Beau) and I decided to keep her! I was wondering how you introduced him to your other cats. My cat is really shy and scared of other animals, but she’s super sweet. I think she’ll do fine, but please give me some advice and recommendations!!


    Toya Williams

    So happy for you it’s hard after several breakups I’m in same boat no one in my life let still praying , men play so many games


    The Girl Who Wears Pants

    Best foundation for my is L’Oreal Fresh Wear 24H. ITS SO GOOD!!!


    Eta Layah

    How wonderful to hear you’re happy. Good luck in your new relationship. ✌🏻


    Cameron Pena

    What kind of mascara she put on top of her extensions??


    Jules Nunez

    I need to know about this super man <3 carlie.


    Taylor Miller

    I love the Elf HD setting powder!! So many people say they get flashback, but I’ve never had that problem ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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