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    IT’S MAKEOVER TIME, GLOW BABIES!!! To create your own professional website go to ❤️ PREVIOUS VIDEO …


    THE FINAL EPISODE! I'm so sad… 😢😭

    Silvia P. Mata

    Noooo not the last one!! Please we need more! Instagram : sylviam92

    ginita Laishram

    They are so lucky ❤️ i wish i could be one of them…. Love you Nikkie 😍😘 I wish to meet you one day🤗…..

    Michelle Black

    she's in germany😍 i live there 😊
    they look stunning😍

    Daphne de Jager

    So sad that it is already over but also so excited that you can now focus on halloweek!!

    For the giveaway instagram: daphne_dejager

    Stephanie Bookert

    Definitely gonna miss this series!! 🥺 💞

    Sally Ma

    I like that she does natural makeup, not full glam 🙂

    Jennifer Gould


    no one

    These girls are so beautiful 💚

    Rima Rahal

    Hey from Germany ✋🏻

    Xoxo 000

    aylin's skin is so perfect..she hardly need any makeup on her face.. 😍

    julie duncan

    So awesome Nikki! Wish there were more episodes to be honest.. I’m from Australia!

    Mikael Marley

    Seriously so Adorable! You have such a beautiful personality! Such a contagious laugh too! Love your videos!



    Khuwaila Jama

    Wow I loved these videos get to know what other ppl are going throw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ selfing confident is important 🙆🏽💋😍. IG:khuwailajama

    caroline kerrin

    I love how you make everyone feel more confident and better and you are so funny.

    Danielol Vb

    I love watching these videos and i can’t believe that this is the last one.i love you nicky! You are a great person! Because of you i feel inspired to do something diferent with my makeup. I am watching from NEDERLAND😁

    Amira Almhdawi

    Really enjoying this kind of videos

    Samantha Litchfield

    Last episode 😢 honestly nikkie I've learnt so much from you, theres plenty of other influencers out that I like but none as much as you, as your so real and normal, and honestly so good at what you do, you really should do your own make-up line, I would by that in a heartbeat, I'm a full time career for my son who's disabled and don't get much time for myself but when I do get a bit, I play with make-up and try the techniques you do to try and improve myself 🥰😍😘❤
    Insta; sam.a.wild

    Zuzanna Trzmielak

    Such a great series Nikkie! But I know that you will come up with something even better 😄😘 (I have no idea how you are able to surprise us ALL THE TIME 😱🤩) You are amazing ❤
    Insta: methyloethylo

    Petit Chat

    Twenty one pilots and Panic! At the disco yeah 💛
    Also the make up is bomb !!
    You’re such a sweet person Nikkie

    Damon Del Toro

    Love this series, you make people see themselves and that’s something I find extremely beautiful and life changing. I’m grateful the world still has people like you!


    Claire L

    I love Aylin. She is truly sweet, wise and beautiful. Hope she got the job.

    Lhmcd 55

    Eileen has beautiful skin. Nikki you did wonderful makeup.

    Odette van Dijk

    She is stunning😘

    Paige Byahera

    I hope me too


    Love to witness women supporting each other through their troubles and lifting each other up. You're doing a great thing, Nikkie! Inspired even in my middle age. 💗

    גילי מימון

    Love your art❤ hope to win the giveaway i really need it 😂 ig- its_gilim

    Amie-leigh Savage

    Me and My sister :0 Room 🙂

    Patti LovesMusic

    Yaaas Germany 🤣 @mixtapeofherbands on IG


    I love Nikkie to the rescue! Please do more content like this, it’s just nice to have a different take on makeup tutorials.

    Carl Matias

    i love nikkie Tutorials nude lipstick

    Adél Kelemen

    So inspiring‼️‼️ Sending much love to both girls! ❤️ You can, no, you should be proud of yourself, because you are both beautiful‼️ Thank you Nikki for sharing this storys with us‼️❤️😍

    Amber Jauregui

    1. I’m so obsessed with Ilene’s room
    2. Ilene is very beautiful and and has a way with words that I really appreciate
    3. Nikkie I love you 💕

    Side note: many years ago I YouTubed something along the lines of foundation routine for pale skin, and nikkie was in the top results. I instantly was like, whoa, she’s good good. And all these years later I’m still soo glad I did. I’ve really learned from nikkie, but that aside…I’d watch nikkie do a sugar skull every day of the week 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

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