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    Lisa Eldridge

    HOW TO ENTER: – Open globally ✅ – YouTube no longer allows private messages, so if you are entering on Youtube please leave your Instagram, Facebook or …


    Cassie Goldsmith

    Beautiful picks as always!

    My top 3 are:
    The deep velvet collection
    The Nuface
    Oilixia Rose Quartz

    IG: cassie_goldsmith


    lullaby ok

    Top 3 are: 1.All of your velvet lipstics
    2.carlot tilbury pallete
    3.Nuface device


    Christianne Borg

    My three favourites are Baby Nicole ring size 59, Charlotte Tilbury palette and the Nuface set. My Instagram is chrissieborg. Thank you so much for your videos and kindest regards.


    Lyndsey Bower-Bhara

    Such a helpful gift guide!
    My top three would be the ring on size j Any of the lipstick collection and anything else ❤️❤️
    Instagram handle @lyndseybowerbhara


    Tessa Bailey

    Ooh so much choice ! I have just received the order of 5 lipsticks including one set ( for me) the other two are presents ! I would love the lip care trio for my daughter see if they work she is on medication that makes her lips very dry and nothing works for her ! Thank you for such a well thought out video of gift ideas they are all lovely 😊


    Carmen Prieto

    i love The Soft Velvet Collection! my instagram id is carmen_pv



    My top 3:
    The nuFACE trinity shimmer
    The gorgeus baby Nicole ring in size T 1/2 (2 centimeters in diameter)
    One of the kit with your lipsticks.
    My instagram: @mademoiselledide
    Thank you, Lisa. You are an inspiration, and a gorgeous lady. 💖


    Ana Carolina Macarenco

    Oh my…this is incredible 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    My top choices are: The New Velvet Collection, the Espa collection, and the Dr. Barbara Sturm kit respectively.

    Thank you for thinking of us.


    ZJ ZJ

    Hi Lisa,
    My favorite products are:
    -Trish Mcevoy 6 brush set
    -Chrustian Dior 2020 Holiday Pallet
    – The soft velvet collection lipsticks
    My Instagram is : zoe_76
    Thank you.



    i Love your annual holiday gift ideas videos 🥳✨ my top 3 would be: the baby ring (would be a great gift for ma mom 💍), your soft velvet lipsticks 💄, CT starry eyes ✨ my IG: by.thomart


    Jennifer Witham

    Hey I think you’re a genius and I’m now a proud owner of you entire lipstick 💄 collection. I’m super intrigued by the NuFace and Espa collection. I also think the diptypque brooch beautiful very clever idea 💡 (Instagram is @jwitham89) 😘


    Jennifer Witham

    Hey I think you’re a genius and I’m now a proud owner of you entire lipstick 💄 collection. I’m super intrigued by the NuFace and Espa collection. I also think the diptypque brooch beautiful very clever idea 💡 (Instagram is @jwitham89) 😘


    Izabela Mlinarević

    Hi, Lisa! It's hard to choose from your wonderful selection but these are my pics:
    Nuface-Trinity Shimmer All Night
    Orveda-The Scent of Orveda
    Soft Velvet Collection.

    My instagram account: knjiznicaricaica


    Marta Goena

    Thank you Lisa for the lovely ideas and for organising this getaway <3
    My top 3 products would be these:
    1. Apoth&Co lip trio
    2. Nuface kit
    3. Spacemask (I suffer from migraines and would be keen to try it!)
    Merry Christmas Lisa!


    Jacqueline Skelton

    My top 3!
    Soft velvet lipstick
    Your beautiful ring….love love love 6.5 (16.9)
    My goodness this is an amazing giveaway 😻🥰😍


    Desiree Osterman Makeup

    Wow such a brilliant video💛 All of the gifts are absolutely fab! I love your rings and am so excited to hear that you’re launching baby rings, super cute, I would love to add your Soft Velvet , New Velvet and Ultimate Velvet Collections to my pro makeup kit, also the idea of Charlotte Tilbury’s Starry Eyes to Hypnotize looks stunning too 💛


    Nuala Ryan

    Thank you Lisa for your wonderful inspirational Christmas 🎄 gifts video, also I received my absolutely amazing blue velvet lipstick kit early this week and am absolutely in love 😍 with it! I would love to enter your give away and here are my top three picks:
    No. 1 Your beautiful Baby Ring in size 7
    No. 2 Apoth lip kit
    No. 3 Diptyque perfumed brooch
    My Insta contact : manninui


    asja panicacci

    my top 3 : 
    – charlotte tilbury palette <3
    . the new velvet collection <3
    – the elemis skin care box <3
    IG: asja_panicacci



    My favorites are:
    Baby Nicole, 6.5
    Blue velvet lipsticks
    Apoth and Co. lip care
    IG: truffy


    Prashansa Taneja

    Hello Lisa! The Too Faced Palette, CT palette and New Velvet Collection look great. My IG is @prashansa.taneja.


    Ioana Nae

    What nice recommandations!
    I would like to receive: Sam and Nic – edit beauty box
    Charlotte Tilbury – Starry eyes to hypnose
    LisaEldridge the soft velvet collection

    Facebook: Ioana Nae



    My top 3:perfume broch, velvet lipsticks, antipodes set



    Those are beautiful gifts but I honestly can't afford most of them.
    It would be a dream to win your lipsticks. I've wanted to buy a set for ages. The new velvet and blue velvet collection are perfect and so wearable.

    The best gifts would have to be
    1. The lipsticks (duh)
    2. Charlotte Tilbury palette
    3. The Dr. Sturm set.


    Tried and Tested Blog

    What fabulous gift ideas!

    My top 3 picks are:

    – Lisa Eldridge Mini Grace Ring – Size Q

    – NUFACE Device

    – Lisa Eldridge The Ultimate Velvet Mix Collection

    Instagram: @triedandtestedblog



    Top 3:
    Soft velvet collection
    Sam and nic beauty box

    Ig: iamtheampersand



    My top picks are Dr. Barbara Strum’s kit, the NuFace gift set and yours New Velvet set. My IG is @codenamerania


    Nurit Y

    Hi Lisa, I love your blog! I would love it if I could get one of the followings:
    1. NuFace set
    2. Apoth and Co. Lip Care trio
    3. Dr. Barbara Sturm kit
    My IG: nurityazbin
    Thank you!


    Edina Kolcsar

    My top 3:
    The soft velvet collection
    The becca set
    The Dr. Barbara Sturm set
    IG: @blankakolcsar
    Have a wonderful day 🤗


    Demetra Pan

    My top three picks whould be:
    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
    Espa The Luxury Spa Collection
    Eym REST The sleepy one

    My username on Instagram: demetra.pan
    My UK ring size: M



    God this is dream giveaway, i will try my luck this time wish will be the one
    Instagram @rawan95ty


    Dóra Harsányi

    Dear Lisa! I love everything you work with, as the makeup, lipsticks, rings….everything is so beautiful!
    My top 3 are: The Nicole baby Ring in 6 size, The Deep Velvet Collection, NuFace (or the Trish Mcevoy) .


    Оксана Матвийчук

    My preferences are:

    – Nuface device
    – the Barbara Sturm kit
    – soft velvet set

    IG @o.m_girl



    Great video and giveaways! I would love to win the Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes, two faced palette (both would be amazing gifts for my make up loving niece) or the space masks (for my mother in law) X


    Andrea Awangku

    Great video as always! My top three picks would have to be, 1. Nuface, 2. Charlotte Tilbury Palette, 3. Your Soft Velvet Lipstick Collection. So exciting! My IG name is @andreaawangku
    p.s. could we have a tutorial on this beautiful look you have on in the video, its absolutely stunning. Have a great day xx


    April-Joy Resullar

    Ooh 😍😍
    My Top 3 are, nuface, espa and the new velvet collection ☺️
    IG: apriljoy.resullar



    My top 3
    The Nuface
    Nicole ring 6 1/2
    The ultimate velvet kit
    On instagram:


    cupcake chloe

    Hi Lisa

    I would love to win
    Dr. Barbara Sturm winter collection
    Trish Macevoy brush collection

    IG: preciousmm


    Jay Renan

    Hey Lisa!! I love your videos I’ve been watching since I was 15, I’m 22 now 🙂
    I’d love the Dr Sturm kit as I’m trying to get into skincare

    Much love!! IG: jayyrenan


    Anna Lok

    Amazing guide once again 💗
    Top choice would be your gorgeous ring size L, one of your lipstick kits, or the Dior palette. Thank you my IG is pand0ra5_b0x.



    My top 3 picks are the tue velvet collection, Jetlag face mask, the Charlotte Tilbury palette (my instagram is marjoriiiiieee)



    i always look forward to your recommendations and i feel i've done well when i see i have some of the items you spoke about.
    my top 3 are
    -baby ring size 8
    -blue velvet collection
    -antipodes set

    instagram @lianabethw



    Goodmorning Lisa,

    I already enjoy watching your content so much therefore every new video is a wonderful gift.

    My top three picks would be sets, so i could share with my close girlfriends who have really been there for me this year during a very stresfull and heartbreaking period of my life.

    • The true velvet lipstick set
    • Espa – The luxury spa collection
    • Dr. Barbara Sturn – Winter Essentials Kit

    Thank you for all your time, effort and generosity.

    Instagram: elisa.redelijkheid


    Alba Alicka

    I would love to have your lipstick 😘😘 but i love all the things in the video


    freya wilson

    What a beautiful headband lisa!! My top 3 would be: the nuface set, any of your lipsticks, or the espa!!!


    michelle fagan

    Hi lisa I would love to win NuFace,Espa the luxury spa collection,Elemis pro collagen @rosegoldjewllerylover merry Xmas lisa and the Eldridge team

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