House Update: Cinematic Views and Mouse's Back

Main House Update: Cinematic Views and Mouse's Back

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    Just a little interim update, because I promised one. When it’s all completely finished I’ll do a proper before and after with Q&A! Ruth x AD info: no paid content, …


    Kerry Whitehouse

    Stunning room x


    Kirsty Doyle

    Looks absolutely stunning. You have such a fabulous house x



    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I remember you saying the glass were bifold? If so, did you have any security concerns? I mean it looks bloody stunning and I’m kinda sad I haven’t got that beautiful room. Need to own a house first but it’s a genius idea especially next to the Georgian. It will be lovely at Christmas I think. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the furnishing. Enjoyed Mr Bear in his chair too. I hope you keep it tucked away somewhere in the house for him. Perhaps away from guests since he’s ruined it.



    So stunning!


    Yvonne Sperrin

    So so stunning. I absolutely love it 😊


    Elizabeth Paredes

    Absolutely dreamy!!! Congratulations Ruth!


    Sarah Li

    Beautiful I love the olden day's style and it's the perfect home to bring up kid's aswell , Mr bear is a little love 💛



    I love your sculpture of The Thinker! I have one about 1/10th that size.


    Shari Bee

    Really lovely, Ruth! Seeing the changing seasons through the massive wall of glass will be breathtaking!


    Carla P

    Mr bear!! That’s the best:) you must keep that chair! the room is fantastic. Nice job Ruth!


    Linette Low

    Love how Mr. Bear hasn't parted from his favourite orange chair. He's a real sweetheart 🙂 ♡ Cheers for the updates, Ruth. #LotsOfLove xxxx


    Emily Scott Banks

    Ruth, it is so, so beautiful. Everything about it. I hope you're going to spend some part of Christmas in there! I can only imagine how stunning it would be with a tree. Not that it needs it – just what a gorgeous marrying of old and new.


    A L

    Such an architecturally lovely room – love the modernist vibe with the stone.
    My goodness, what a wonderful property. I love trees, always changing with the seasons and watching/ hearing the leaves rustling.



    I just love it so much!! The painting is perfect and meshes well with wall color and outside stones/rocks. Options are endless, so should be fun filling it in. Here in the states, I like to go to the library and get a huge stack of design magazines to leaf through and get ideas. Can't wait to see what goes in next.


    Katie Metcalfe

    It just looks stunning!! I think a long farmhouse wood table with a candle like light fixture would look amazing and the light would reflect on the glass walls.


    Nflower Celik-Alvis

    What a lovely room! The views, the painting(😍), Mr Bear and his chair all makes me so happy! Just needs a huge rug✨


    RK Phil



    Mystery Rosebud

    It looks wonderful. Totally in keeping with the older part of the house. The views are amazing and it all connects with the natural stones and nature outside.



    Just beautiful Ruth! I don’t know what I love more, that view or the gorgeous georgian stone wall. Enjoy your lovely new space x


    Emily Sheffield

    That painting even ties in the sockets and light switches! Brass would of not looked as good…



    I know those glass doors were a pain in the you know what, but it looks like it was so worth it! The view is amazing!


    Susan M

    I’d never want to leave that room. The painting looks absolutely stunning in there, and the stone and glass make it purely magical. Enjoy it!

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