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    All Things Adrienne

    Sometimes all you’ve got is 5 mixtures to fix yourself up before you keep it pushin’! #ad Special thanks to Clinique for sponsoring this video. Purchase Clinique …

    All Things Adrienne

    How long do you have to get ready in the morning?

    Michele Gasso

    You're hysterical! "I'm a mess!" 😂 Love the outfit- especially the boots! You are definitely going to be one adorable Mama when the time comes! God's timing is perfect!

    Phdiva 0890

    She needs foundation that matches her real skin colour. This girl is almost pale and every time I see her on the real, she looks like she’s mixed race.

    Ashley Hernandez

    Yes pls show video how you wrap your hair

    Gaby P

    Yes please. Hair wrap tutorial

    Vera Darby

    Loved quick makeup tips. I need a little color added so that wd be 1 more step for me. But, this is so easy.

    Daniella Dubon


    Tsering Yangkyi

    i love you so much!!!! that little pretend act in the end was so funny!!!!

    One Drop Ripples

    I’ve never done this, but I wanna try it now!

    Sarah Kreutziger

    I hate that this turned out to be just an ad😒

    Judy Hurbon

    Yasss! I remember the doo-bees! We used to put a whole bunch of bobby-pins in to hold our hair…😆

    Vianka Interiano

    That hair wrapping thing I need to learn!


    Yes separate video for hair wrap please ❣️❣️❣️💕

    Nicole Barahona

    Ommggg Adrienne you’re so cutee💘

    Carla Milligan

    I like this

    Emily Fuentes

    Video on hair wrapping!!!

    O’Tia Prioleau

    I do the bunny ears too ❤

    Jay Feng

    Can you please make a video for how to wrap your hair

    Sylvia Simpson


    Kimberly Alva

    How did she make a doubie without bobby pins?!

    Liesl Wise

    Them doc martens

    Queen Toshe

    I SO love this channel!!!!!!

    Queen Toshe

    Yeasssss!!!! Werk it!!!! wrapping hair is a must!!!!


    I hope God blesses you with a baby soon. ❤️❤️❤️

    Cizzayve F

    Would love a video on how to wrap Hispanic wavy hair ♡ Adrienne, you always look amazing!!! 💖😘😘

    Yummers Momma

    Please do a video on how to wrap your hair

    Kristopher Kirk

    Damn the earthquakes in Los Angeles are no joke! Looking good Adrienne.

    gioconda cajas

    This lady is wearing a lot of Botox , she has a square face , 🤭🤫Adrienne

    Vanessa Celedon

    Nena I lived in Puerto Rico and I could never knew how boricuas had great hair without flattening then I saw the dubi 😁😜 I'm Mexican by the way😜

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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