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    Piper Rockelle

    Shalom bbys it’s Piper Rockelle. Hope your day is great but better watching I opened my own Starbucks at home 24 hour challenge! During self quarantine, it’s …

    bibas lama

    You and lev should kiss really in cameraa

    Nathalia Diaz


    Heidi Ventura

    Yall did a awsome job! I would go there everyday & work there!♥️🔥👍🏼

    Taylor Michelle

    So I was binge watching your videos an I came across your “pregnant for 24 hours” video an y’all should really do another one like a prank on some from you an Lev..

    Lilly Shields

    Hi I am a really really really big huge fan

    Corrine Erika Pequeras

    Oh my gawd!!!! Oh my gawd!!!!

    Jumps at the grass as if it was trampoline

    Chloe’s Dreaming Vlogs!


    Anil Kumar Muraleedharan

    28.34 they kissed awww

    Nubia Uribe

    yeeees commentsare on yesssssss btw yall saw jentzen at that end lol

    Catalina Herrera

    No, it was supposed to be you and Walker.

    Fionnan O’Shaughnessy

    I thought Sophie and Jensen were split

    Nicole Fischer

    Hi piper ❤️💕

    Hilina’i synsi Keliikuli

    No Way you’re dating lev

    kiki squd kiki squd

    Shofie said what the hell

    Beloved Fernandez

    My birthday is tomorrow may 21st I'm so happy I'm gonna be 11.

    Oliver Wood

    I put awesome video, love the video, yet YouTube are deleting my comments for no reason.

    Oliver Wood

    I put awesome video, love the video, yet YouTube are deleting my comments for no reason.

    Berno Saurus

    Walker needs to get the PS5 later this year…😂😂😂

    Stephen Loadsman

    Piper you are the worst so why do you have a pug but f of

    haya mohamed

    I'm so sorry for your grandmas loss for corona virus

    Delilah Felix

    make part two

    xxx ayyee

    Did anyone when they first saw the female customer thought that it was Indiana Vesara? Because I did! Lol sorry if I spelt Vesara wrong…

    Courtney Drury

    Frank : and there was two people kissing all day on the clock.
    Editor : ohh whoo could that be
    Camera is on lev and piper kissing
    Piper : Sophieeeeee
    Lev : chilling
    Everyone : blabbered on


    Audree Hagerman

    Omg hii piper i never thought i could talk to you! ily!

    Dom Doyle


    Dom Doyle


    Dom Doyle

    Lmao love that

    Hamza Hussain

    Scream to much

    Destiny Cabrera

    In the very beginning how piper is dragging Sophie

    Olivia Smith

    I would love STARBUCKS! Haha it was funny

    m Barro

    How Did Pipers Boyfriend Apear Out of Somewhere

    Kmarra Williams

    Eeee I’m literally screaming in excitement because I’m happy for liper

    Alex Day

    Hello piper

    Elizabeth Martinez

    Is walker still in the squad sorry I don’t know it’s bc I stop watching them for a while

    Arnab Podder

    I want Starbucks to😅

    George Maddy

    Hi my name is Adrian and I have a crush on clare

    Nabeeha jawad

    This is the first comment on Piper's video because the comments are turned off

    Josie Vila

    When are you going to post a new video

    Charlie Tulang

    Piper:Make sure to like Subcribe and turn n the post notification for 5second

    Me:Allready sub and turned on the post notification just need to like…


    Sonia Cadena

    I Like the Pink drink

    Sonia Cadena

    I Like the Pink drink

    Bonnie Smith

    Hi piper I just love your videos 😊😊😊# Liper ❤️❤️❤️

    Regina Munnerlyn

    I watch full house 247

    AusSav Koskie

    Do you still have a crush on Walker


    who else noticed at 6:40 lev put his arm on sophie and sophie tried to back up from him cause piper and lev are dating sophie is the best she is a true bestfriend

    Taya Harman

    Is anyone else not going to talk about the fact that Sophie said “You can get merch at shoppiperrockellel͟i͟v͟e͟.com? 😂

    Elizabeth Stockton

    I💟 you piper

    Ghost Jahiem


    Blanch Emily

    I hate the dog talking

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