I wasn’t sure if this day would come…REBOOT! My COMEBACK Activewear collection REVEALED!

Main I wasn’t sure if this day would come…REBOOT! My COMEBACK Activewear collection REVEALED!

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    Sarahs Day

    LAUNCHING: 11am (AEDT) aka Sydney 2nd June!! Just incase you missed me …

    Eslee L

    To say that I'm disappointed in the way you've handled this entire situation, re: the campaign in which you culturally appropriated black hairstyles is an understatement. I woke up today and realized that I've been blocked from your Instagram; not only do I find it extremely troubling that you're deleting and blocking comments from new and long-time followers who are having important discussions in your comments about the original campaign you posted and holding you accountable; it shows that you're not willing to have a space where everyone is welcome— no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, etc. I said nothing offensive; I did not attack you personally, and I was very respectful in your comments— yet, you blocked me for speaking out and also for supporting WOC and validating their experiences with cultural appropriation. You have yet to take down the initial video/photo from the campaign and you haven't shown in the comments that you are trying to open your heart and mind to the experiences of ALL women and take accountability for the vile comments that are happening under your apology post and the original campaign post. You preach about empowering women— but your actions don't match the sentiment. Why can't you include ALL women in your messaging and brand— not just the ones who look like you: white; skinny; from the same background as you… why invalidate the struggles of WOC by deleting their comments, not allowing them a space to educate and be heard and seen. I honestly am glad you blocked me— this is NOT a community that I want to be apart of. Until we can include ALL women, of every background, I won't be apart of the Sarah's Day community. I truly hope you reflect on this situation and find some inner healing and mostly— accountability for your actions. To my fellow white women who are invalidating the WOC in Sarah's comments— I implore you to take a deeper look at your own hearts and try to find an understanding why this is so hurtful for the black community. Look up @rachel.cargle on Instagram— a powerful black activist, lecturer, acclaimed writer who is having the hard conversations surrounding race and white privilege every single day. She provides incredible resources for white women to become better allies for the black community and tirelessly holds space for POC's experiences and putting in the work to end black hate. She is a force of nature and a welcome addition to anyone's feed. I also encourage you to check out an incredible documentary called "Braided" — watch to better understand the nuanced history of black hair culture in America and the appropriation they feel every day. For now, I wish Sarah well and even though I'm blocked from the community— there is work to be done and I genuinely hope you all hold each other accountable (including Sarah) and support one another— especially WOC. Be well.

    Klam NoodleSoup

    I just posted a video titled "Cultural Appropriation, Racism, and Sarahs Day". In all I do not believe your campaign was cultural appropriation. I am black and it would have directly involved me, and I still don't think the campaign was cultural appropriation. Sarah, I think it would be really beneficial for you to watch this video. It is not a hate video nor is it slander by any means. I, as a black person, give my thought and opinions on the whole situation. And in the times we are living in today the least people could do is educate themselves on the racial problems and injustices that go on in the world today.

    with respect,


    Emma McLean

    so happy for you, youve done amazing!!!

    Marlena Wodyńska

    This collection is awesom!!!

    Douglas Kane



    Loving all these pieces! I appreciate how much attention you paid to the small details — it makes your line look so high end!!

    Bella Comm

    haha you think 160cm is short… I'm 140

    Georgia Burrell

    I want everything but I dont get paid until Tuesday night and I wont have enough money

    Kate Mcleod

    Sarah, thank you for posting this video. I know you've gone through some hardships with this line, and the fact that you posted this positive and upbeat haul video shows your character. Your followers and ones who know you best know that you would never do something to offend someone, so please don't be discouraged. We love you, and this activewear is awesome!!!

    Paisley J

    Your hair is growinggg girl!! You look fabulous. Your creativity is so great. Much love & support 💕

    Holly Brown

    WOW love that i can now buy P.E Nation ripoffs in shit quality 😍😍😍

    Danica Sawtell

    I love this collection!! Stunning.
    Does anyone know where Sarah got her necklace from 😍?

    Vale Abarca

    Sezzy I love you, I love the collection!!
    I want your body so bad, you look amazing as always!!!

    mya marquez

    lip fillers?


    LOVED IT!!!! Your collections keep getting betteeeeeer🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩

    Amanda Maria

    k so perfect clothes aside(cuz thats obvious) i love how you have a word for the walkway by the beach, where I live we call it a promenade hahaha

    Saffron Canny-Smith

    This whole collection looks incredible! 😍🔥 wish I could afford some at the moment. Congratulations on launching this collection

    Hailey Minton


    Tess Hewitson

    Yay so proud of you sezzy, another killer collection!xx

    Ash Fox

    If you sell out will you do a restock?

    Allyce Marchetti

    Everything looks amazing! Just had a baby 6 weeks ago- can relate 10000% and this makes me so excited to reboot my fitness x

    Jules Giles

    Oh noooo, I want every single piece!! It’s going to be hard to narrow it down at all

    Vetty W

    I don't often think of buying certain collections.. but I think I'm hooked in. These all look really great and practical especially for us curvier gals x bring on tax return time 😉

    Jordan Fletcher

    What are the white shoes you are wearing??
    Love absolutely every piece 💕

    cats cats

    something to read in the journey for educating yourself on the racism in our society/more insight on being an anti-racism ally. Deleting helpful comments like these are only perpetuating the issues today!

    Cathy Diamonds

    Wish I could get everything 😭 but I’ve got $3 haha soooo cute love it all!!

    Monica Cespedes

    I wish I could affortd this! I love them all!!!!!

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