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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) LIGHTS LACQUER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Thank you for making this possible! SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE: …



    Omg omg omg omg it’s happening!!!!! Lights Lacquer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Tears fill my eyes as I type these words. I can’t thank you guys enough for staying by my side…. unfortunately I don’t have actually swatches in this video like I usually do :/ I filmed them with my nail girl in a studio but the lightning was way too dark I couldn’t use the footage 🙁 that’s what happens when I try to get creative lmao. I promise next time I’ll have a better swatch set up! IM JUST SO EXCITED TO BRING YOU NAIL POLISH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I love you xoxo!!!!


    Fame Life style

    I’m so happy for you 🥰


    Jackie Vergara

    Some people who call their mom jefra more from pacho and cholo culture





    Elissa Ann Torres

    YOU GO GIRL!! You are so warm and authentic, we love you boo. ❤️


    stephanie ochoa

    First time I watched I was dazed and amazed by the makeup and hair second time I cried……😍😍😍



    the color are really amazing and im so proud of you and i love you sooooooo muuch❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Alexandra Saliba

    Congrats Kathleen!! I’m so happy for you💗lots of love from Canada ❤️


    Margaret Wiltrout

    I can't wait to try these! I have almost all of KL Polish colors and love them!


    Natthaladda thammachak

    You are right! I dont even like green but i cant stop staring at jefa. What a colour!!! And for me this colour scream girl power to me.❤️💚💛🧡💜💙


    Stephanie Stewart

    i am so excited for you. You deserve this so much and cant wait to see what the future has in store for Lights Lacquer.


    Olivia Olsen

    The black looks like leather


    Dilara Yabas

    Could you tell us the exact shade of the lip gloss please 😭❤️



    Congrats you deserve it!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽


    Rae-Lynn Cook

    I am 2 minutes into this video and I am CRYING. I am so proud of you Kathleen❤️ You are amazing and you deserve so many wonderful things. I’ve been watching your channel for so many years now and to see you so happy and passionate makes my heart smile so much ❤️


    Yessenia Bojorquez

    Seeing you this happy .Makes me so happy ❤️😭😭😭


    mellina moore

    Kathleen!!!! So so so so so so happy and proud and excited for you! You are a genuine, kind, and beautiful person inside and out with nothing but the best intentions. You're hard work and not give up attitude is inspiring 💕 we love you 🤗


    leslie valenzuela

    I’m buying the whole bundle as soon as I get paid from my new job 💕💕💕💕


    Sawsan Walid

    Congratulations , I feel sooooo inspired and motivated after watching this video… thank you Kathleeeen you don’t know how much I love youuuu and I’m sooo proud of you …. You are really from the real ones ♥️


    MAB Parungao

    Sooo happy for you Kathleen 😭❤


    molly bloom

    Omg, I’m so happy for you, Kathleen! I wasn’t able to get my hands on any kl polish, but hopefully I can get some of these soon 😍 specially jefa I loved the colorrrr. And you definitely deserve all the support and success in the world!


    Maricela Luna

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that black nail polish, and the blue, and the green, and the gold, okay all of them. Congratulations beautiful!! Love you. 💕


    Strauberry _87

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU HERMOSA!!! I loved KL Polish but I’m SO excited to try your new line. Your collection is beautiful! Love you chica!


    Zara Skibola

    I liked the video before it even started. Love you Kat! Congratulations!!


    Aditi Sarangi

    I cried when you cried. You’re such an angel. Despite all your struggles, you never fail to make me laugh. Your videos make my day. Ly Kathleen ❤️💜


    Nadia Setiawan

    Wow. I LOVE all of those colours so much❤️❤️
    But eleven is my favorite!!


    Franshesca Fermin

    FELT EVERY EMOTION WITH YOU!! Love you soo soo much and sooo beyond proud of you!! YOU GO GIRL!! #GRLPWR


    Lydia Nielsen

    i love them all!!



    So happy for you girl!!!!!

    Watching this vid made me feel emotional too 🥺



    I need swatches😞
    The colors are beautiful but I want to really see the one coat performance. I know the other brand, although good, it wasn't one coat.



    I love you so much!!! Soooo happy to see you back like a boss that you are!!! 💜💜💜


    Minahil Mustafa

    I have been waiting for these for SO LONG, I wanted to get KL polish but after you revealed all that went down, I didn't want to support it (even tho the colours were so amazing, unique, spectacular you know) and I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON ALL THESE AND MORE IN THE FUTURE YES


    Elvira Savariappan

    Does lights laquer have international shipping???
    Please say yes!!!!



    Heck ya! My girl is back and better than ever! So proud of you!


    Sarah V

    why was that the fastest 13 minutes of my life


    Elisabeth Claire

    You are so adorable!! Congratulations on your launch! <3


    Sarah V

    im SOOOOO glad you're continuing the name saga omg


    Julia N

    The speed at which I opened my wallet when I realised you ship to AUSTRALIA. I am so excited to try your polishes!!!!


    Jeizel Estrada

    Sooo proud of you 💗


    Nicole Alston

    You look very J. Love esq in this video and I'm) LIVING for it!!!!


    Sarah V



    Eleydi Lml

    im the only one waiting for the green eye look that she did when she announced her palette ???


    Réka Holicsek

    i was sobbing multiple times during this video. i’m so proud of you! this is such a happy moment for all of us seeing you this happy & excited about this new journey. can’t wait to try these out. love you


    Sarah V

    i feel like i know you PERSONALLY and that im able to celebrate this WITH YOU. i've been here for years, before kl polish, during, and waiting in hope for this new brand! i literally have gotten every female on my life hooked KL polish and got them even more excited for lights lacquer!! i cannot wait to see all the products you're about to produce and how the journey is going to go. i absolutely adore you and you deserve all the success, love, and happiness that is going to be coming your way!


    chailey baskins

    Please please release an olive green and a pink 😍😍


    Rachael Gonzalez

    So happy I’m only on a makeup no buy!
    Update…I ordered 2 of the polishes 🎉🎊


    Adriana Taddei

    Love you so much I'm so happy for this launch 😭💕 my baby is back!!


    Jianina Anonas

    You just had me crying. I just simply love you. Watched you since the beginning, supported even if I don’t comment a lot. Trusted you in almost everything you say. YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING. Dont and NEVER give up. ❤️



    Why am I crying so hard?? I’m so happy for you Kathleen! 😭😭🤗


    Cassandra Cessant

    My fav is the dark blue!

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