It's that time again! My True Velvet Lipsticks are coming…

Main It's that time again! My True Velvet Lipsticks are coming…

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    Lisa Eldridge

    Pre-order is now live my site Music courtesy of Albin De La Simone …


    Mathilde Ingemann

    Lipstick porn!



    You know I must say it's quite sad that this doesn't blow up like certain… other YouTubers new launches have. Lisa is literally a professional makeup artist… You just know these lipsticks are going to better than anything else these "gurus" are launching.


    스칼렛 민지

    Just picked out Muse, excited.


    Mally Kay

    So wish I could afford one of these beautiful lipsticks. So close to being done with my degree – then I can afford to spoil myself a little! Can't wait.



    sexy House of Cards vibes


    Honeypie Smith

    I managed to pre-order Muse! 😍


    Huguette Ampudia

    I want Fawn!!!! So bad….


    Carol Liu

    take my money!! just do so!!


    Cat PBatista

    Lisa, when will velvet myth be available again?



    Does anyone know what date the lipsticks will ship if you preorder?



    Really I'm so proud of you.



    Ready to get my hands on these!


    Alice First

    just ordered, can't wait. Just in-time for xmas!



    Just pre-ordered my set. So excited! I’ve been dying to try and I’m always just late to the game and you’re sold out 😭😭😭


    Nflower Celik-Alvis

    The music is so beautiful ❤️


    Pooja Ashok

    Yaeeeeeeee! Just placed my order & couldn’t leave the bag too , so pretty ❤️


    Lulú Walker

    I'm ordering Velvet Muse at the moment ☺️☺️


    Yi Tang

    What happened to go lightly??


    Susan Figer IG. dream_learn_create

    Why only once a year, I will love to get them all!! They are stunning!!!!!!!!!!


    Cynthia Graves

    Have the previous 3, just got the rest. I am so excited!!!!! Thank you Lisa for your amazing talent and creativity, and giving us something as amazing as your lipsticks. They, and you, are a treasure.


    Adri Maradiaga

    Dear Lisa, gorgeous colours, pre-ordered before even watching this video – a perfect lippie day is when I wear your lipsticks & these would not be an exception. Yours truly, a great admirer of your work for years Xx 💋


    R Soraya

    Ohh wow. How drying are these? I would love to try them but my lips are dry as the Sahara all year around..

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)

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