Kamri's College Decision, Mother's Day, and Tie Dye | Behind the Braids Ep. 118

Main Kamri's College Decision, Mother's Day, and Tie Dye | Behind the Braids Ep. 118

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    In this week’s #BehindTheBraids, Kamri finally decided on college! She uploaded her decision video on her KamriNoel channel last week, but today we’ll show …

    Jaime Brooke30

    The cake looks delicious! My husband would love the cake. I need to make a small one for his birthday. Happy mother's day and happy birthday Shaun!

    amisha gowda

    I did 🙁 well it was meh actually


    I love everyone in this family.

    Jessica Wu

    bro this fam has so many connections

    Amalie Kvan Christensen

    Hi from Denmark! I had my 19th birthday in april during quarantine as well:)

    Farah Abdul Aziz

    Who here remembers Mindy's Disney hair YouTube channel called Disney Style?


    To much thinks in this video 😂 mansion on a new message love

    Liezel Coetzer

    Dax's picture is so good and creative!

    Kyle Greenwood

    May 14th

    Maddy Furgiuele

    sean has the nicest teeth

    Heather Priest

    I went to see the blue angels when I was 9 but a bad storm come through and i did not get to see the show.

    vicky Carrion

    Seans birthday is my dad Birthday so happy birthday!

    anna davis

    paisley is the frickin cutest 🥺🥺

    Alexa Rodriguez

    Where’s rylan ????

    Hallie Jo

    My bday was in quarantine to

    Samdamaam Spangler

    the blue angels do two shows in my area one in san Francisco and one at travis air force base they fly around for along time. ive seen both shows

    D.B. Zoom

    Nice video!

    Emily Parker

    Go Utah and Idaho!!

    Lexi Marie

    Omg BYU is where the YouTube family ‘This is how we bingham’ , their daughter is going there next year

    Kira Merrill

    Blue Angels – so cool! We had our Snowbirds fly over not too long ago. Lots of sadness came our way involving crashes and loss with the Snowbirds, but little Nova Scotia keeps pulling through, and the fly overs are always amazing.

    Dannii X

    In the uk we call them red arrows look nice but I hate them xx

    Laura Ferguson

    Yelp, I had my birthday in quarantine ( back in March ( turned 26)- same day as the stay at home order began for my state actually } 🎂

    Anna Maxwell

    Anyone else notice Finn staring longingly at the cake at 6:44? Lol

    Artemis Papastavrou

    Daxton is the cutest bean and we must protect him at all costs

    Hafsah Ovais

    I love how asa is like family to them. They're all so close! He treats them like sisters and brothers

    Bria Wilson

    I had a birthday in quarantine

    Aditi Boda

    Thumbs up if you love the Mcknight family!

    Behnoush Seyedi

    Where is Riley? I haven’t seen or heard anything about her in the videos for so long.

    Amethyst Martinez-Esquivel

    I saw the blue angels that day too

    RANDA almasoudy

    paisley is everything I swear, sweets thing alive, I hope you guys read that to her<3


    what will kamri be studying?

    Allison Werner

    Did y'all see Brooklyn's hair looks shorter?
    Just me?

    Katie Thompson

    my birthday is may 23rd


    Paisley's drawing for Shaun is so creative! How cute is she? Ahhh I still remember when you used to call her Sweet Pea! ❤️


    yep…had my 40th in quarantine…but I was thoroughly spoiled by my family 🙂

    Kayleigh Ukulele

    That rollercoaster drawing is amazing!!! I love that!!!

    Mariana Hoysa

    The blue angels flew over were I live

    Addison Ruediger

    omg i NEED that cake!!!!

    Addison Ruediger

    the blue angels flew right over my driveway this year

    Ben LaCeme

    I watched the blue angels fly over Idaho last week 😍

    Jordan Albright

    Bruh in Kamri's video Brooklyn was being so annoying about it like she needs to calm down and realize that it's Kamri's life and they don't need to be attached at the hip

    Macy Evelyn

    i’ve seen the blue angles this year accually !! they flew over springdale (arkansas) and it was rlly cool!! love y’all 💕


    Lol at 6:44 you can see Finn standing right by the cake, watching someone to see if he can make a break for it.

    Amanda Batstone

    Can you make a video on how to do baileys side braid thing she always has it’s super cute!

    Sari Elkins

    I see the blue angels every other year in Long Island for the Jones beach air show. We go to republic airport to watch them take off and practice; we get to meet them after they land. My grandfather is a huge fan and he helped design and create the f14 tomcat

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