Kamri’s High School GRADUATION! | Behind the Braids Ep. 119

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

    In this week’s #BehindTheBraids, you’ll come along with us for Kamri’s #HighSchool #GRADUATION! This year’s graduating class of #2020 didn’t have an …

    Avalon Purple

    Class of 2020 strong


    I never knew she was my age

    Aimee Squibb

    I’m graduating this October

    Sadie A

    also dad jokes were on point

    Sadie A

    watching all the ads cuz y’all are gonna be paying for three colleges

    Jen Munday

    Congrats Kamri!!! You will go great places and do great things ! ❤️

    kaleem raj

    plz mindy we have to see kamri graduation shoot pics plzzzzz😍

    annemarie kirk

    I am the same age as Paisley and I love this channel.


    Like just look at this graduation this is why I want to live in America 😂😂

    Cynthia Kitchen Home and Life

    I'm glad they found a way to make the graduation ceromony work!

    Ella Rose

    Can someone from America explain high school to me. I believe that it is equivalent of UK’s year 10,11,12 &13. In years 10 & 11 you study for GCSEs and then depending on the results you get from those, you spend years 12 and 13 in a college or sixth form studying for alevels. In high school do you spend all 4 years studying for a diploma? Also what actually is a diploma?😂 And
    since Kamri is 17 I thought she would have been in the year below graduating, or did she skip a year of school? I’m so confused and would love if someone could explain the American school system to me😂💖

    123 123

    I love all u guys well done to Kamari and all of yee

    Emma Ruth

    It’s currently 3am and I can’t sleep because I’m graduating this morning!!!💖

    loner girl

    Why can't graduation be fun in India😢

    Freya Nobbs

    i left high school this year but we don’t get a graduation cause im english and it’s different here


    This is unrelated , i love doing my hair but every time i open it my hair gets oily , i also only wash my hair once or twice a week is that why my hair is always oily when i open the hairstyle

    Roudha Almazrooei

    Btw daxton is older than me by 22 days

    adeeba masood

    I'm following you all for 6 to 7 years! Love you guys <3

    Clara Peterson

    Where can we get a necklace like the one you found?


    Our CGH#3 is going to college 🙁 Time flies! Congrats Kamri! Congrats Shaun and Mindy!

    Ruth Samantha Ubungen

    I'm graduating after grade 6

    Alexandra Jacob

    That was High school musical

    Beck Quattromani

    what happens to Ryland?????

    Zaina Kazmi

    10 ❤️s for the masked heroes

    💜 for the paramedics

    🧡 for the nurses

    🖤 for the teachers

    💛 for the people who have lost love ones

    🤍 for the people in the army

    💚 for the people with the virus

    🤎 for the hairdressers without jobs

    💙 for the food stalkers

    ❣️ for the people who are running low on money

    Thank u for reading this! One more 💖 for you!

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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