LAST VLOG?! Day In The Life | BODY UPDATE | Healthy Dinner Recipe + WORKOUT!

Main LAST VLOG?! Day In The Life | BODY UPDATE | Healthy Dinner Recipe + WORKOUT!

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    Sarahs Day

    SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!



    Honestly sezzy I still use your workout playlist on spotify for EVERY workout #noshame


    Brittany Postma

    It'll be so amazing when he can look back years from now and watch his family's pregnancy journey with him 🙂


    Rita Rzal

    I went to 42 weeks with similar experience at 39 weeks … ended up getting induced at 42 weeks and 2 days… wishing you all the best 😁


    Lee Ann

    How neurotic ..


    Payton Brown

    I will be praying for you guys


    Kate J

    My birthday is on the 30th of March. Can say from experience, it's a pretty sweet day to be born. 😉


    lilo manner

    Sezzie what was the red sauce you used with the chicken?? Was that just normal tomato pure? Can someone please tell me. I want try making it. Looked so good !


    Sophia vlog

    Are you going to film your birth


    Lydia Surprenant

    you are literally the prettiest person ever!!!!


    Julie Gott

    What headphones are you using to workout? 💖



    That’s the most loud CPR/AED class I seen 😂 I loved it! You guys are so cute 🥰


    Kali Alexandria

    Love this!! Great recipe too!


    Daisy Riley

    Also love you so much (ur my new fav YouTuber) x


    Daisy Riley

    Are u going to do a birth video x



    im surprised ur not vegan, since u care so much about health and meat literally causes diabetes and cancer lol. i guess u only care about yourself and not the animals.


    Elissa Baker

    Live the vlog can’t wait to meet the little man. Also where are the tights from your wearing in this video?


    Зухра Магомедова

    Omg I love your vlogs so much😭🤩🤩


    Valerie Hearn

    Does anyone else in America struggle to find buckwheat flour or like buckwheat anything?


    funstuff at itsbest

    Her baby is gonna come out with abs. Look forward to every vid!! <3


    kitty meow

    she’s literally pregnant and she’s fitter than i’ll ever be


    Kelli O’Neill

    sezzie and kurt are my spirit animals


    The Phenomenal Woman ZW

    Intro is so sweet now I’m addicted to this channel 🥰


    Matt Koller

    This is really awesome haha. Also, I just posted my second video and I'm on a roll. Please go check it out, like, and subscribe :). We're all just trying to make it out here and motivate others!


    Joanna Dacri

    You look amazing your skin looks like it’s glowing and you don’t even look pregnant except for your belly!


    Jenya Cook

    it really is a love bubble when the baby comes



    Gosh you’re such an inspiration! Killing it in the gym while being pregnant


    Cori Krzan

    I am so obsessed with your videos, I have watched every single one probably 10 times each HAHA I think you already mentioned it but I forget… what kind of dog breed is Abbey?? Keep up the hard work girl!!!!!!!



    I was due March 31 but was born on March 26!!! eeek I'm so excited for you, time has flown! 🙂 <3


    Emma CaLee

    Love you so much Sezzie good luck with your bubba! You are going to be an amazing mother!! and Curt/Kurt(don't know which) the most amazing father! Much love sent from Texas <3


    Elle Falconer

    Abby knows the baby is coming soon that's why she's clingy


    Tina Cavlovic

    How exciting !!! I love these updates 🤩


    ashley Yelhsa

    Only Sezzy would still have her ABS popping in her last month of pregnancy😂😂💓💋


    Lauren S

    Good luck!! 😘❤️❤️


    Nickki Gray

    I loooove putting oats in my meatballs, they give like a bit of a crunch in them, and bulk them up a bit more ☺️

    Soooo excited for yous! C’mon baby!!



    what is the song in the backgroung at the very end please?


    Petrine Leschly

    Never wrote a youtube comment before, but Im begining to cry every time I see your videos. I followed you for yeeears, and love you guys together. So wierd to feel so connected to people i only see on videos. So exited and happy for you two! Love from Denmark <3


    Kamalie De Seymour

    6:23 you are killing it you are going harder than the girl next to you and your pregnant. you go girl


    Makynna Scheer

    Literally the most hilarious vlog yet😂


    Daisy Ruth

    i loved seeing you cook. id love some more recipes and food in future x



    This is more exciting then the royal wedding.
    Glad I watched the other short vid before this, my heart skipped a beat!
    We love you SEZZY!


    Willow Liukaina

    Where do you get your scrunchies from? love you sezzy!


    Avery Amorosi

    You’re incredible girl!!! Go Sezzy!!!

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