March Boxycharm Unboxing (Try-on Style) | 2019

Main March Boxycharm Unboxing (Try-on Style) | 2019

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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is my Monthly Boxycharm video! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! * THE MARCH BOX …


    Paraselene Woman

    That shirt is EVERYTHING


    Beth Gramkow

    I love the way you say boxy charm.



    Kathleen wdym. I literally came here for the boxysherm


    Julia Freda

    I wish I knew you were in Colorado!! I moved here like 6 months ago. And you don’t travel often since it gives you anxiety. What made you come here? Ski snow beauty? Did you stay in aspen? Love you!


    Nelida Flores

    omg i love ur shirt!


    Joy jolly

    The mask is the only thing I don’t like everything else I love


    kaye salazar

    have you tried to upgrade your boxy charm??


    Charissa Harder

    The thing with Kathleen is that it’s liking hanging out with a friend. A goofy funny relatable friend who’s gonna lend you a lipgloss. I used to feel that way about Jaclyn but can’t relate to her at all anymore. Kathleen, for all her collabs and wealth and success, is still very much like my own friends and has stayed down to earth. I love that she’s not trying to convince us at all times that she’s glamorous (Which she is).


    Joanna Madera

    🤣😂🤣😂 your expressions while peeling that mask were life! Loved the video!


    Angela K

    I would be weirded out if you didn't say Boxysherm unboxin…have come to expect it hehe


    Trista Jackson

    You were in Colorado?! Hope you enjoyed it here!!



    I thought the dangling thing behind the earring @4:31was part of the design, then realise that it is not 😂😂


    Tessa Nicole.

    “Maybe if you’re a scorpio you’d like this buuut”😂


    Felicity Wybrew




    Leechee 😆 did you mean to say lychee (lie-chee) ? I love you gurl, you crack me up😘🤣😁


    Erin Haley

    Omg I was laughing so much 💀


    bella bee

    Could you make a category with all the tutorials with your collab palettes?


    Christine Marie

    I would love to see you and Manny do a video collab!



    I'm light skinned and got the darker cover fx palette. 🙁 a little bummed about that, but the rest was good.


    samantha andreina

    pretty sure that the name of the ofra liquid lips are now straight on the bottle underneath all the other writing!


    Noralee Williams-Schugg

    You should try the mango dragon fruit refresher with apple juice instead of water! So good!


    Madison Elise

    Omg I love your shirt 😭❤️


    Flor Rivera

    What drink is that?


    Janine Blackmur

    Are you and Nicole )from this season of the Bachelor) cousins???


    Marienel Lopez

    I love how you say boxy sharm. Love. It’s so spanish ❤️


    Nairi Keshishian

    Do I have boxh charm? NO
    Am I planning on signing up? NO
    Do I still watch these? HELL YES


    Scotti Franklin

    Cracking me up in this viddie


    Line Sanfrancesco

    You are the funniest the only you tuber that makes me laugh which makes me Happy!!!


    Alyssa Spear

    As soon as the lights flickered I would've been gone lol. My bf would've sat with me through the rest of me filming 😂😂


    meghan m

    Lol I love how you say "boxysherm"

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