My Birthday In Paris! (& Reaching 1 Million!) ~ Freddy My Love

Main My Birthday In Paris! (& Reaching 1 Million!) ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love

    Outfits linked below *affiliate links used* Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe PREVIOUS VLOG- LAST WEEKS VIDEO- …


    Maryam Alshehhi

    Freddy , why isn’t your sister coco posting on YouTube 😕


    Bella R

    Yay! I missed you, so happy you're back! You are my style icon!


    Abi Turner

    Aww 🥰 lysm Freddie!!! U totally deserve 1million subscribers!!💕💕


    Alice Hawthorne

    just LOVED this vlog! you looked like a princess in Paris, so beautiful.💖happy birthday freddy!✨✨


    Alexa Style Book

    What a dream birthday in Paris!! So lovely! Your outfit is super cute too💋💋


    relax relax

    You are goddes when it comes to aesthetic vintage but also girly..SUCH A FASHION ICON!


    Monika Ferbyová

    Yay, running for my tea and getting cozy and see you soon <3 :))


    Daisy Godfrey

    In so glad you had such a wonderful birthday, you deserve the world and more 💗💗 we love you so much Freds!! Xxx


    Bella Elizabeth

    This was so lovely 💖 I hope you had the best birthday ever! xx


    Ida Roseen

    I love you Freddy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Ia Kaladze

    I love you❤❤❤


    Petra m

    Love your channel, it just keeps getting better and better❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️





    Tala J

    Looks like an absolute dream!! Hope you had a great time! Also, I've been following you since 200K and to see you grow is amazing!


    classy cherrisa

    Yeah 💕 she's back !! And she vlogged her experience in Paris!!!!🤗🤗💕


    Cece May

    now all i want to do is go to paris😅xx


    Gabriela Maria

    This is so well-edited


    Rakel Jónsdóttir

    Where are your suitcases from? 💓


    Melisa BEYTULA

    I love you please do a what you got for your birthday 🎂


    Erika Nurain

    OMG ,missing the Freddy Vlogs❤️

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)

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