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    All Things Adrienne

    Quién está listo para un poco de maquillaje de otoño? _ PRODUCTS: Foundation: Concealer: Contour Stick: …



    In Costa Rica “mascara” is “encrespador”
    I love love love this episode ✨


    Karla Rodriguez

    Ay mi Dios que emoción Gracias
    Lo hablas perfecto amo tus vídeos


    Neen Luna

    Have a blessed day A ❤️ May your life be filled with happiness and joy !!! I LOVE YOU 💗💗


    Evelyn Cha

    Spanglish all the way lol 💜💜💜👀


    Isabella Tejada

    Gurlll your Spanish is amazing!!!!


    Lyra C’est La Vie

    Lo hiciste excelente naña! 😊 Great job! I work as a medical interpreter where I am interpreting Spanish to English all day long. It's definitely an acquired skill despite growing up in a Latino household.


    Karen Barrios

    Love it!! Me encanto! Awesome Job traiendo el orgullo Latino! Me encanta como eres tan bella de Preciosa, with your Jewelry line, YouTube channel, H2Rose and Being a Host at the Real!! Tan bella!!


    Neen Luna

    HOLA MI GENTE !!!!! 🇵🇷 🇵🇷 🇵🇷


    Maria V Rivas

    Just when I thought u couldn't get any sexier u bust out with ur Spanish… Adrienne really out here making me question my sexuality 😍


    Gretta Gutierrez

    Jejeje me encantó jajajja Fundación jejeje se dice Base


    Avianna Aguilar

    me gusta el video jaja!


    Inmaculada Novas

    Diosss lo ameeeee!!! Realiza más vídeos en español


    Rebecca 021818

    te ves hermosa sin maquillaje …
    you look beautiful without makeup


    Julia Parra

    I loved it!! I love how the look came out and girl I love that you used a lot of drugstore products. That lip color is so pretty !


    Jenn Aguilar

    Living for this video . YAAASSS ADRIENNE !!!! More in Spanish please .


    Amy Gittens

    Definitely notice the gold color. This is a LEWK. Gonna try this for my birthday this weekend.


    Nikki K

    I have no idea what you're saying but this is dope!


    Betty Wahome

    Love love love



    ¡Me encantó! Yey for dual language speakers! 🎉
    #VivaLatinos! 💪🏼


    Makeup by Aurea

    Nose dice fundación se dice(BASE) 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷


    Rose M

    do a video on your nails!!


    Gricelda Tovar

    🥰🥰🥰 proud Latina here!!! I also butcher my spanish (mexican here) but I'm proud to speak it, eitherway!!!


    Nadia Torres

    I love this video!!! Jajajaja you’re so so cute.. ♥️ keep doing videos in Spanish.. 🙏🏻 🇪🇨
    it’s not fundación es base!! Jajaja base de maquillaje 🤣🤣


    Carmen Hernández García

    "bushy" translates to "tupida", your translator was correct!!


    Elegant Anne

    I hope to be this fluent, one day😢


    Mel G

    Matchea has me dead hahaha but I say “parkiar” when parking its a Mexican thing maybe ?? Lol rubor always sounded weird to me I be like elllll blush amaaaaaaa. Love you girl this was so fun to watch and you look stunning !!!


    happycate pere

    So much love from Kenya 🇰🇪 Adrienne. Im now learning a little bit of spanish from you. 😊😊😊


    Nathali Rebolledo

    Me gusto este tutorial porque yo naci aqui en el estado unido. Soy mexicoamericana o como dicen aqui "Chicana". Mi primer lenguaje fue espanol y luego ingles. Im a makeup artist at a beauty boutique Lmao girl trying to explain makeup products in spanish to customers at work is hard. I be forgetting some words in spanish lol. Love this video so much ❤



    It sounds so beautiful when you speak Spanish!


    La Hormiguita Lectora

    Es verdad que tu español no es perfecto, ¡pero me encanta oírte hablar español! ¡Eres una reina y una diva!
    Highlight = iluminador; Blending = difuminar; Mascara = rímel; Foundation = base; Bushy eyebrows= cejas tupidas (yep, it was right, even if it sounds a bit like estúpidas hahaha) or you can also say: cejas pobladas for bushy eyebrows.



    Omg! Why did I think the title said Ajo instead of Bajo (didn't see the B at first) girl love your videos but yes I agree with a few that foundation is "base" when it comes to makeup. If you are talking about a building then its foundation. Just trying to help another latina with her Spanish! ❤


    Ang A

    Also wanted to say i love this video and you inspire me to be super proud to be latina! Im from Jersey but i live in Wyoming now bc my husband is stationed here and its legit 90% white people and the other 10% is a mix a little bit of asian, hispanic, African etc so i feel like i represent a lot of Hispanics here when interacting with the ppl everywhere and i always make sure to never be scared of being too latina for them thank you Adrienne you make me appreciate and love my culture💜💜💜💄🦋💃🏻👠🌺💐🌎

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