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    Carli Bybel

    THUMBS UP if you like these “daily vlog” style videos! Decided to try something new while stuck home in quarantine. *GET THE TEETH WHITENING KIT 30% …

    Carli Bybel

    Love you guys so much!!! Comment below some of your favorite shows / movies so we can all indulge 🥰🥰


    I thought he looked familiar. I remember him from JL.

    ashley mangiaracina

    Obsessed with you guys 🥰 you seem so comfortable together I love it

    Kolo Nun

    Updated skincare routine, your skin looks bomb 🥰

    Sabah J.

    I loveeee!!! So real and genuine. Get married please! Make more videos. This was relaxing yet fun. We definitely need more of these during this chaotic time. love you guys ❤️

    Chelsie Goodwin

    Y’all have matching tattoos?!? Where’s the ring?!?🥳🥳

    Betty Swole-Patrol

    I love Jerseyliscious!

    Lily G

    I feel so weird looking at him, I feel I’m looking at my dad LITERALLY same exact eyes, hair, skin tone, tall 😱😨

    keykey lockz

    Yall look sooo good together. Yall chemistry and how caring he is towards you it shows😍 love this video…continue to be safe

    Abby Grey

    Now that is a reasonable amount of syrup to put on pancakes!

    perfectingodseyes masters

    I love silver dollar pancakes!! They are the best!! I never use eggs!!! You can even use reg flour without eggs just water or milk and vanilla flavoring.


    I have never seen a coffee machine on a fridge! 😍 reminded me how poor I am. 😑😂


    I feel like they’re going to have a baby boy in the near future☺️☺️

    the zaafranys

    hi mybe video about your vitamines😊

    Esmeralda Lopez

    I actually didn’t find this too long at all. These type of videos are perfect, especially with the quarantine. A little distraction of the troubles is so helpful. Something about y’all is so entertaining. I think I’d even enjoy just seeing your reactions with things 😂

    Cassandra Cessant

    Carliiiiii! where did you get the tiny sectional thats upstairs where the mirror broke?


    I love the two of y’all! ♥️

    Leslie Castillo

    I love you guys together!! Y'all genuinely seem like bestfriends. And this vlog was not boring!! I LOVE your vlogs so much!!

    Stephanie Smith

    More vlogs pleaseeee 🥰🥰🥰

    Chiara Scaglioni

    Omg breakfast goals😍🤤

    Sakinah Bingham

    He's Neo! The One!!!!!!!! That's it! Love y'all 😘


    The way y’all didn’t wait for bubbles to form in the pancakes before turning them has me TRIGGERED 🥴


    The kitties give me life lol ☹️💕😂

    RoseMarie McLean

    RIP to all the couples that recently moved in together and are now quarantined 😂 looks like you guys are doing great though!❤️

    Sofia Villalta


    albagirl32 Virgo

    This is yours because it's yours 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    They look more like friends not lovers

    JDez TV

    Omg y’alls Tattoos!!! When’s the wedding !!!??? 😂🥰

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