My True Velvet Lipsticks are back with new shades!

Main My True Velvet Lipsticks are back with new shades!

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    Lisa Eldridge

    Pre-order is now live on my site Lisa Eldridge – Lipstick – Velvet Fawn: Lisa Eldridge – Lipstick …


    Magic Theatre

    I am kind of tired of thousands of makeup products nowadays, and have tried to maintain a very limited quantities of essential makeups for daily use and use them up. If asked what are now on your wishlist, I would say Lisa Alderbridge’s velvet lipsticks (I need three).


    marwan saad

    Congrats lisa with all success darling ❤❤❤


    Blueberry Muffin 11

    I can’t flipping wait. Omg


    Анна Ивлева

    Lisa! My congratulations! Do you plan to deliver to Russia someday? I would love to buy your lipstics, but there is no delivery to my country(((


    Alyce Collins

    This is not a good week for my bank account oh my god. Zero regrets though, and I’m ridiculously excited to get these. Merry Christmas to me!


    Megha Wadhwa

    Love your approach to makeup


    Danjeta Keci

    Lipsticks are just amazing, truly, but I like your rings as well…i wish i knew what brand they are…



    Myth is SOLD OUT! How can I be notified when it is back in stock?



    Congratulations! 🎉🥳🎉You can totally see the pasion for your work in these little beauties. I love velvet myth and velvet muse – I have never seen a colour like it, it's so unique! xxx


    C J

    Love you Lisa, but not buying the lippies. They contain polyethylene, plastic in the formula. Not comfortable with microplastic, especially on my lips! eeekkkk



    For the velvet decade I am really intrigued and want to see how it looks like on me because skin tone wise I am neutral leaning to yellow but my lips are pink toned..



    Lisa… I wonder if you are also hinting that you are exploring a perfume release?? Hehe


    Meitalef ef

    Now I want that perfume 🙂


    Mariyana Vasileva

    Amazing Collection! Thank you, Lisa! The Soft Velvet Collection is all me but I was really hoping to see the one that "didn't make the cut" in the summer collection". The Velvet Fawn is the closest to it but with brown undertone as opposed to pink (I think:) . Please, please make that colour part of your next collection, this would be my Ultimate everyday colour :)) XXX



    Hi Lisa, I was wondering what eyeshadow you're wearing in this video? I love how subtle and cool it is ❤


    Nisha C

    Love that you’ve shown the different skin tones, could there be a south Asian/Indian colouring shown as well please the women with the lighter skin tones are not that far apart from one another when I take my own skin colour (I am Indian) into account for example. Thank you xx


    Jill Parker

    I ordered Velvet Myth and Velvet Muse, so excited to receive these!



    I'm really curious as to which lip pencil would work well with Velvet Myth as it is the color I want to purchase. Any ideas?


    Ginette Almeida

    Up at 3am in Sydney to get mine 💄My husband even set an alarm too to make sure I woke up because he knew how excited I was 😂 Can't wait to get them on my face! 💋



    Third launch is the charm! I'm so happy I finally got an order through. Yay!

    Can anyone suggest a dupe for the Make up forever pencil she used with the fawn lipstick?



    The white model looks like Hailey Bieber


    Ritty Raj

    Love it all! Can you also mention details on the tops/blouses that you wear in videos? I find them all classy 😀



    Wow,just wow.



    Lisa where's your top from?? 🙂



    Thank you Lisa! Your new shade drops are everything, and I've already pre-ordered the Deep Velvet set because the colours you created are perfect for my dark skin tone! Thank you for putting together a set with the darker colours for your dark/deep skin tone or fans-of-vampy-colours consumers. You came for my money, and I'm very happy to give it to you to support such meticulous, high-quality and thoughtful work. Well done and sending much love from Japan xxx

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