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    I’d like to officially announce that 2020 is NOT Jeffree Star Approved. Here is a video I filmed a few days ago before California went on full lock down. Right now …

    Thoran EH

    Jeffree: I'm quarantined
    Also Jeffree: goes out shopping for a new car and invites all his friends round

    Augustine Apon

    He bleep the word but we all know it says c*nt 😂


    You look like Barbie in that car😍

    Lee Schn

    OMG my female Australian Terrier used to do handstand pees trying to get her wee up on posts that boy doggies had peed on lol.

    imperfect nija

    #2 trending congratulations

    kristy dreadfulwater

    I need the Jawbreaker. 😼

    Katelynn Rogers

    so no one was gonna tell me jeffree is almost 6’1 😳


    this man is too iconic to handle

    Dan Thomas

    Who knew SEPHIROTH does makeup?

    Chasea Kenney

    I just love you so much 😭💖

    Tans Walker

    Jeff : LA was the worst traffic

    holy crap… Indonesian are you here? 😭

    Caroline Skidgel

    Ya girl loves that she can watch Jeffree Star because there's no school until April 28th.

    Kelii __

    Thank you for the upload! I work in the health care field and continue to go to work. This motivated me to keep going! Jeffree 🥰

    Geeyouknit 06

    How do people like you get so much money

    Frank Castle

    No one cares you sick fuck get off the internet

    Josh Cawrd

    I just want to say thank you might never read this but I’m going to say it any way Jeffree you brought A lot of happiness to a US army soldier we are Germany Bored as hell I’m Quarantine but we have been playing with your products that I have got and I wanted to thank you because I really didn’t think my package was going to come in because of this virus But we were so excited when it did however Shipshire stuff thank them for me

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    That Redbull fridge is bigger than my room

    Cassandra Sara


    Emalee June

    Love the bench, hate that it doesn’t look centered

    Turd Cobain

    "I am the vaccine bitch" classic

    Ben Rainbow

    I absolutely love this video format!! Such a bts moment


    Girl said virus free im dead


    That black guy at west coast customs is FINEEE. like holy shit he’s fucking sexy who is he? (The one in the red and blue jacket) HES SO FINEEE.

    Lillie Gibson

    I get Botox for my migraines, its 31 to 32 shots on my head, neck, and shoulders. Some times I dont feel anything, and then there are times I swear my doctor is stabbing me with fire pokers. I do bruise every now and again, but I've not had knots before.

    Sarah N


    It’s_ tru

    I don't even like cars, but this one is sexy AF!!!

    john vernon medrano

    Imma buy that one day

    Jason Wilson

    1:20 you should be allowed to do and say what you want in America, Jeffrey.

    tarsem Bhaker

    A dude dressed as a woman quarantines been tougher

    Lauren Doering


    Max King

    Tf are you

    american dutchie

    I’m afraid to get corona and stay indoors… hugs and kisses the first guy who rang the door….

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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