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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I wanted to share my top beauty picks of the month with you! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! LIGHTS LACQUER …


    Tabeer Zahid



    Taylor Smith

    Updated skin care routine??



    ฅ(♡ơ ₃ơ)ฅ You are such an important human for this planet..
    My words can't describe an 👼 angel though.
    I♥️u so much and wish you the best of happiness in life forever.


    Inma Garcia Almela

    Can anyone tell me when did that colourpop concealer launch!?!? I haven't even seen it on social networks😂😂


    Nabilah Kariem

    PLEASE MORE KOREAN SKINCARE PRODUCTS. A lot of the skincare products you mention is inspired by Korea and its SO much cheaper. Check out Sokoglam, they have a great selection! They also have a youtube channel explaining basically everything kskin


    Ivonne Hansson

    I love monthly favorites. And I love when you discover new products,but at the same time tell us what your nr one product is. Like the Jouer concealer.
    I tried the Ofra makeup fixer setting mist. It’s without Alkohol and I really really like it 🤩🙌🏼


    Cameila Egas

    You’re always my monthly favorite Kathleen


    Elen Smilez

    Omg yes that Murad exfoliator is soo good.. I got it in my ipsy box last month & its just soo good I now want to get the whole set. My face looks and feels soo fresh, cleaner & brighter


    Amanda Rood

    Cinderella highlight is by no means blue


    Amanda Rood

    Who is the Monique person?


    Amanda Rood

    Is she talking about knew polish colors? I get my nails done so I have no use for polish. Aren't ppl using gel polish or getting their nails done? I didn't think ppl used regular polish anymore


    Valeria Lovo




    favs and empties are still my favorite types of beauty videos~


    Josefina Pimentel-Lopez

    Oh my gosh November 7 is my son 23th Birthday 👏👏 Congratulations! You are so beautiful and talented 😁💕


    Hamna Qazi

    I watched the whole video but still don’t know what you said because i was admiring your makeup look, dress, hair & nails throughout the video 😍
    You look gorgeous & that jumpsuit is totally adorable ♥️


    Angela Tan

    hi kath! when will the colourpop concealer be released ?


    Bianca Lagura

    You're literally giving off ethereal angel vibes and I'm here for it


    Yeon Kitt

    That Dior bottle is SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!


    Erina Iwasaki

    Fun video as always!!
    Btw lets talk about how u look today… WOW…GORGEOUS!!! Nice perfect bun, ur mamita must be very proud 😂
    That eye look…inspires me to use my So Jaded palette and create that exact look!!! I just took that palette out from my everyday make up set to rotate my palette but NO NO NOOOO im putting that back in for this look!!!



    i can relate to her energy in the rest of this video =D


    Anindita Bandyopadhyay

    Loooove this video. What would you think about doing an updated skincare routine? Because I'm really interested in seeing it!


    Jonas Oliver Gonzaga

    I need that highlighter but what highlighting brush is that??? I want it!!!!


    Nylej Bebida

    Love the hair and make up on this video Kath


    Robinpreet Kaur

    Hi Kathleen. I have a request. Can you please review the "Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm". Please I really want your views on that one. I will really really appreciate. I trust you so much with the products that if you say it is good then it is good. And those products always work for me.


    Drusilla 29

    Kathleen u seriously need to dive in deep into Korean skincare, they're so affordable and works amazing. Tbh Innisfree is popular but their products aren't that amazing. You should try popular products like Neogen real ferment micro essence. Or for oil cleanser The face shop rice water bright clensing oil ( $11) or my holy grail Then I Met You cleansing balm ( $40).


    Emily Stevens

    That Murad cleanser is magic! I started using it when my aunt gave me a sample she didn’t want and I have been hooked


    Brooke Perriera

    I said “bless you” when you sneezed😩😂


    yao shi

    What highlighting brush was it?


    rebecca hesser

    Fenty also has one more new color but you can only get it in the mini set with the highlighter it’s called sweet mouth and it’s GORGEOUS too!! I bought the glossy posse set and the individual with the highlighter.


    Jenna Frazier

    I want that Fenty Gloss Bomb lip set like THE MOST out of anything that’s came out in a holiday set, like ever



    "A Mac Daddy le gusta la cosa cara" 😂😂😂



    Am I the only one that said bless you when you sneezed at the end?


    M.C. MINX

    Get drugs and. Gain weight. Save a life.


    Christine Yi

    this look 😍 so excited for lights lacquer!!!


    Carey Davila

    I want to wish you an early Congrats on your Lights Lacquer company launch Nov 7th!! You so deserve it!! I also commend you on your perseverance in making your dream a reality again! You are such a #bossbabe! Love you so much! Xoxox 🥰


    Swara D

    Thank you for sharing this with us!! I love monthly favourite videos! 💛
    Love your hair, makeup, and outfit!!💓 You are so pretty Kathleen ✨
    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤


    Khánh Linh Đinh

    Kathleen!! Please please do a tutorial for this make up look. You look stunning!


    Clairefitzmaurice 22

    First time I have seen you with long nails, you look beautiful girl


    Jenifer Hagen

    I can’t find the concealer anywhere oh colourpops website?! Someone help a girl out😫


    Blake Miranda

    If you want a gooooood maybeeeee more affordable serum to plump your skin & delayyyyyyy the aging process. The ordinary (brand at ulta) has a serum that is Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. & I’ve literally only really used it the past month. & I swear. Every single time. I see someone they’re like. Your skin is so good you look so young & oily. But my face isn’t oily??? Like it’s completely normal but looks SO GLOWY AND SMOOOOOOOF. I GET SOOOOO MANY COMPLIMENTS. TRY IT. & it’s only like $8-10. 👀👀 all straightforward ingredients. UNSCENTED.



    I just keep looking at your nails. They're so pretty!!


    CarEn Kay

    I have way too much makeup, but I feel like I need every pallet Kathleen comes out with! Why? Look at her eyes in this video! I need her new pallet!


    Yvette Torres

    Umm, so quickly went to my Macy's app and checked out the price of this serum and . . .this is one of those celebrated moments that I am sooo glad I work at Macy's cuz, das expensive but. . . I gots to get it if Kathleen recommends it. And Mac Daddy's skin. . .perfection!! I may be eating toast for a month but it will be totally worth it! 🤣🤣🤣🤙🏝🌊


    Stephanie Triptow

    Please film a tutorial with this look! It seriously is so beautiful! You look amazing!!


    Emily Stevens

    Does anyone know if the Colourpop pretty fresh concealer will be at Ulta?

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