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    After a lot of secrets of the beauty were revealed in Shane Dawson’s mini docu-series: THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF JEFFREE STAR… the iconic duo launched …



    OINK OINK!!! what do ya think??? 🐷🖤✨



    “Jeffree What The Frrdgddla” 12:30


    Irene Della Grotta

    I need nikkie to fly to LA and glam up with shane and jeffre


    Purple Sparkle Felicity

    1st. Congratulations on your new home and your studio.
    2 ND. I love you so much
    3 Rd. Love the new backdrop and your nails
    4th I. Response to your question which I prefer 😉😁😊
    Nikki, I prefer you. I love Jeffery and you with everyone else. I'm grateful jazzed for your creative contribution. I'm in the market for a new pallet will be checking out the colab solely on your review. Love you. Hi Nikki hubby. Great job getting a new place 👍😀💪


    Danelle Sissing

    I got the pallete❤😭I was on the site an hour before the launch, and ended up waiting 3 hours for checkout cause the site kept crashing


    Arielle Yindra

    I love Nikkie but is no one gonna talk about the fact that her eyes are two different shapes and colors ?


    Zombie Bones

    See NIkki, THIS is how you conduct business. Might want to take notes from both Shane and Jeffree. Lmao @ your flop tho.


    The Front Row

    We need a house tour!


    Kitty Mar

    It's day of dead since 27 till 2 of November here in Mexico but we still put on costumes, but you don't look like a clown, you look so beautifull!


    Tube Lover

    love this



    I’m so glad you chose to wear the jeffree wtf lip shade. It’s the one I’ve been dying to see applied.


    Brendan Yeoh

    In da ears oke


    Mamta Gupta

    So why nikki
    Why you always forget your ears😕😕💫❤


    Pierre Ivan Jovellano

    You sj do Shane's makeup with his own palette


    Emily Dunham

    I got both palettes in time for my birthday!!


    Tricia Mason Jar

    I definitely get the whole in between feeling. I moved three years ago to a different province in Canada. It took me almost 2 1/2 years to feel at home, but sometimes I still feel it.


    Amber Richards

    I love it


    Kay Whittle

    I managed to get 1 liquid lip in the colour Ryland of the Morphe site , until Nikki says you might have a problem with the colour Ryland for showing up your creases in your lips . Ok I might just use it for a ornament 🐷🐷🐷


    Urbex Sylvie

    Gisteren 18.00 stond heel de make-up spot vast duurde 41 min voor ik er doorheen was, hoop dat me palette snel binnen komt.


    sari massalha

    Oh my god nikkie I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! the way you said the names of the lipsticks was HILARIOUS ! 🤣🤣 especially; jefree what the fahblewnsh


    Elle Boersen

    Neeee Nikkie, je bent zeker niet alleen! Voor modellenwerk ben ik tijdelijk verhuisd naar Milaan voor 2 maanden en dat was ook echt een strijd! De eerste week heb ik iedere dag gehuild, omdat ik Nederland zo miste. Nu zit ik hier 3 weken en eindelijk voel ik me oké in het modellenappartement. Het duurt even om te wennen maar het went. Neem de tijd om je draai te vinden. Xx Elle


    Abkr Rastan

    My life stile forced me to move between more than 5 houses last month I moved to the sixth .. but I didn't felt that any one could be my home ..


    Daniela Lutea



    ermioni gkalmpeni

    I have to be honest. I didn't like the palette when I first saw it it was not what I was expecting. But after your review I want to buy the conspiracy palette 😂 you made it to make sense to me because at first I couldn't understand it. 😅



    Yup… going to have to get another Jeffree pallet now! Thinking it's going to be Conspiracy


    Elora Danan

    I love how every beauty guru is like “THE TRUTH” or “BRUTALLY HONEST” to get clicks and the reviews are always just good


    Abbey Campbell

    I have felt like I'm in limbo between houses for the past 3 years. June 2016 I became really sick and ended up in a wheelchair with a brain injury. My home was not suitable for a wheelchair, so we've been living in a big warehouse while we wait for my legal case to happen. We sold the house last week and can finally look for a new home. I'm so excited.


    lady liss

    🖤💋 bought them both love you!!


    Sadaf Fallahpour

    Nikkie plz do a blue and silver look from this pallet 😍


    Karen Sawyer

    I like the soft side love the Combo of colors!!beautiful thank you for sharing!!!


    Richard Brown

    We need Nikkie, Jeffree and Shane to do a get ready with us using the collection……



    The packaging should’ve been a triangle for the whole conspiracy theme


    danielle d.w.

    I want to see Shane do her makeup again but this time forreal and with his own palette! ♡



    i tried getting the palatte but with exchange rates and post to australia even the mini palatte was close to $100au.. i really want but cant afford that,, im so sad .,. also what is that stuff u put on ur eye before the shadows..





    Karlson Louie

    Your ears are so red 😂 what happen?


    Urja Mangukia

    Please review Tati beauty 😍


    Chelsea Walsh

    So stunning …sold out in the UK 🇬🇧😭 I tired for US but didn’t get that either…my fav look is the autumn look 🍁

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