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    Wayne Goss

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    Rose Nightingale

    I like this review, very honest I subbed


    Lena Marshall

    I love how you swatched these. I wanted to love her palette the way I love her channel but it kind of fell flat for me but this video has helped peak my interest again LOL best ever swatches


    Natalie Spencer

    Was that easy to wash off? 🤔


    трын трава

    Wayne, thank you for all you doing! Your videos were the first one makeup tutorials I had in life. It was many years ago:) You was the first teacher who taught me how to makeup! And I was 20 years old russian girl, haha. Thank you so so much! Love you!



    The only review I need.


    Leah DM

    🍑 licker!!


    liilii Mei

    These face swatches are iconic ❤️❤️



    You are so wonderful and unique


    Alexandra Seeberger

    I want this palette for the glitter shades alone! Absolutely stunning! You were actually the first beauty guru I ever subscribed to on YouTube! I had to be in middle school (I’m 21 now!) but it’s just crazy to me how underrated your channel is!


    Tamara Morton

    It was nice to hear you be supportive of Tati's enterprise. I will keep an eye out for your palette. 👍🏼



    I love how impressed by the pigmentation and overall appearance of each shadow.


    Emma Smith

    6.29 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    I love this man ♥️


    Carol Gonzalez

    New sub here. Loved this video. Waiting on my pallet to arrive any day.


    Danae Langley

    One of the most honest people on YouTube ❤️❤️💄



    LOVE THIS REVIEW….buying just for this review alone and the wink at the end, ah!….TAKE MY MONEY, Wayne!


    Carolann Deakes

    I'm so glad I bought this


    Gia Nguyen

    only wayne would leave a good 2 blank minutes at the end of the video too haha #mood


    Lily Ramsey

    This is how I feel after seeing Wayne after swatching up his face:😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


    Joanie Schoenfeld

    Love the subtle shimmer in the 2nd row!!


    Lily Ramsey

    I have this palette and it did not crease at all all day. The way I applied it on in the morning is how it's still looked at night. And I am not young he's there I am in my late 40s.. Thank goodness I don't have wrinkly eyes which helps but it's a beautiful palette! I only Swatch the Glitters and they go exactly where you apply them. No fall out on the glitters.


    Nai Chang

    Thank you for this video, love the way you swatch 🤩😍👍🏼🙏🏻💕 much respect ✊🏼


    Lindsey Botelho


    Intuitive Diane

    Hi ya. I’m new here. Small
    YouTUBEr and I bought two of f her pallets. One for me and my daughter. So thankful for your video. Lovely to meet you 💋


    Michelle Caudill

    Why didn’t you do a look with the pallet to see how they actually blend on the eyes. You usually say they can swatch well which has nothing to do with how they blend on the eyes or they cannot swatch well it’s how they blend on the eyes so I’m interested to see your experience once you actually put them on the eyes


    Purple Water Lily

    Five other YouTubers: applies elaborate eye look with this palette
    Me: “It’s nice, but I don’t need it.”
    Wayne applies shadow in war paint stripes randomly
    Me: “Damn, I need this palette.”


    Karri Relaxedia

    I have always enjoyed your videos but what is with the face swatches. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched so when did this start


    Vanessa Ventura

    Please do a smokey look with that first column alone. SO GORGEOUSSSS.


    Mariorl Calderon

    Sequence – SOLD


    Dolsie Mercado

    Wayne only likes the glitter eyeshadows.


    Andrea Pachas

    I’ve never seen someone swatch like that but I’m here for it! ❤️ new subscriber

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