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    Wayne Goss

    Neapolitan ice cream anyone?! This video explains why i don’t like to contour under the cheek. And what you can do instead! SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP …


    Home Skillet

    Me: I'm gonna practice…
    Later me: Trixie Mattel


    Zaryab Baig

    Am ur biggest fan….girl from pakistan..i like your videos…..


    Neelam Gandevia

    I am THRILLED that I follow this exact technique after stumbling across it by accident, because it truly works for me FAR more than contour ever did! I absolutely adore it, it just looks incredible and its my go to technique!


    Mariah Johnson

    I've been doing my blush like this for years and I absolutely love it!


    M T

    I’m new here and I already admire you wtf i don’t even wear full makeup but KNOWLEDGE lol



    It’s exactly how I do it, I agree❤️❤️


    Isabella Hernandez

    I’m an actress and I’m getting cast in a new show coming up on Netflix so if I could hire my personal makeup artist I would hire Wayne


    Lucy-Grace Atkinson

    I've always put my blusher high up. Don't know why, just have. 🤷‍♀️
    Glad to see it's not just me. I'm pushing 40 and feel like a drag queen when I've completely contoured. I prefer more of a sheer look in terms of coverage.


    Evil Queen

    I used to actually apply my blush the way you said you should but my sister made fun of me saying I did it wrong and it should be on the apples of my cheek 😡


    Education Channel

    Excuse me!what example do you give in your video?!


    Ashley Benitez

    Honestly I feel like it’s so true I want to try this method out. Because like you said it starts looking a bit muddy when you want to use all your fav products. Thanks for the video!💕💕


    gala freeland

    Im going to try this next time i do makeup for church 😁


    Dawn K.

    I have always done it this way. I have never contoured and only used bronzer once and just looked dirty lol


    luz c

    I do ur technique


    SuziQ Passion

    Totally agree with your opinion I’m definitely going to stop my Neapolitan face and keep it on my plate


    Britt Conester

    Nothing annoys me more than people commenting on other youtubers videos who do NOT do the “trending” streak of bronzer contour, winged liner, false lashes, lipliner over lining the lips, etc etc “you’re doing it wrong. So and so does THIS”, as if 1. The youtubers doing this way over the top makeup is the only “right” way to do makeup and 2. The YouTubers doing way over the top makeup look better than those that do makeup in a way that makes them look naturally beautiful and not like they have steaks of color all over their face. I don’t think there is a “right way” that works for everyone, but if there IS wrong way, I would have to say it’s the heavy streak of bronzer “contouring” the cheek, way over lined lips, super full coverage matte foundation, 6 shadows on the eyes, winged liner, false lashes…


    Baris ve Esitlik

    You used to look better, I don't know what the heck you are doing to your face you look horrible! Stop loosing weight also



    Whew! So glad my 40 year old behind has been doing it right 😊🤪


    golgi apparatus

    To me when I see contour, it doesn’t give the illusion of chizzled cheekbones, nose, jawline etc it’s literally just ugly brown lines and looks so stupid to me



    I need to see this on an actual person cause it’s hard to see when you do it on yourself.



    You have been and still are my go to for makeup ! Actually know wtf you're doing and talking about. Thank you and keep doing you ❤



    Why don’t these girls/women listen to you. Some of them look ridiculous and wish everyone would stop copying Kim Kardashian


    Gabriela Alvarado

    This dude is always talking shit about YouTubers, yet, this video is on YouTube ?


    R Burton

    I’ve always done my blusher this way. I’m glad that’s how you recommend it be done, because you’re someone I really look up to when it comes to makeup. 💕


    Anita Kay

    This is exactly what I do. Once I switched to this instead of going from underneath, it really made my cheekbones stand out, and even slimmed down my face a bit. Such a difference!

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