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    What happens when you shake up your usual makeup routine and apply everything in alphabetical order? CRAZY MAKEUP HAPPENS!!! Get ready for a crazy …



    You should do a challenge of “brands that hate me”!!


    Nini Lnb

    I don’t get who did first, nikki or james 🤷🏼‍♀️


    Farida H-a

    That eye shadow is fucking good


    Carmen HF

    CHALLENGE, use your brushes inversly, I mean for example, instead of applying your primer with your fingers use an eyeliner brush and apply your eyeliner with your fingers…


    Jeza Mira Lee

    Doing makeup using ONLY liquid products


    nurul ain

    yes of course u should do "ONLY CREAM PROUCTS MAKEUP CHALLENGE" 😂 ive seen it someone somewhere doing the challenge before.i'm pretty sure u'd kill it as well as ur other vids


    spicy shrek mEmEs

    the whole time I couldn’t get out of my mind what the video would be like if she edited like Antonio Garza 🤠


    Ellen Sundström

    Why didn’t you take BB-cream



    I screamed when I saw her face after the concealer


    Chloe Nolan

    love you the most nikkie, but girls…blend your eyebrows please


    Vanne Ariestelle

    Please do a foundation only make up challenge please. Tina Yong in her segment "tina tries it" tried this challenge. Pleaaaase!!! 💖💖💖💖


    Olivia _Arthur

    Doing my makeup with only 3 products picked blind folded
    Its like the 3 coloured pens challenge



    why do nikkie and james always post the same content at the same time


    Grecia Tello



    The girl from the channel islands

    copying james charles


    izz just Lili

    It'll be cool if you would do an all-creamy-products-challenge😊


    Cellin Elise Henriksen

    U almost said it 😉 a no powder challenge 😉


    jordan baca

    what happened to the word of the day i liked it





    Talia Cook

    yessss do a no powder challenge


    Oxygen Tv

    You look good in every challenge and this is me that does not look good even after doing regular makeup


    Yazzi Gillam

    Do your makeup singing


    Brooke Bettles

    You should follow a youtubers makeup tutorial,like one of their first makeup tutorials


    Brooke Bettles

    You should try following a models quick makeup tutorial from vogue


    Brooke Bettles

    You should of done primer spray😂😂


    Kiasyahindah Othman

    A sister is shook. Ouh okay the house.


    Erin Hass

    Where’d you get your earrings


    Oxygen Tv

    Get well soon…


    Brooke Brannan

    why didn’t she just use a spray primer lmao


    Marie Escot

    CHALLENGE FOR YOU : as you propose, a challenge with no powder product (eye shadow, setting powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter,…) xoxo!


    not ruchichettri

    I love the fact how nikki comes up with fun challenges everytime to keep us going . This is what we’re here for go queen ❤️🙌🏻


    Yuti Khirade

    No Powder Challenge 😂😂💕



    Its sad that you steal it from.james charles bitch get you a live


    Ashley Janelle Araullo

    those earrings are so pRETTY WHERE DID U GET THOSE


    itz kaylaaa

    guys i’m a little confused between bronzer and contour. what exactly is the difference between the two, because for a really long time, i thought bronzer was just another word for contour, like i thought they were the same thing SOMEBODY EXPLAIN PLZ 😂


    Iida Patjas

    Sister james Send me here🥰


    AJ Belino

    Powderless and foundationless make-up heheheheheh…


    Ana Tkm

    CHALLENGE FOR NIKKI :You should try other beauty gurus morning routing and their daily makeup routine and end it with their night routine


    Sindel Carr

    I love you earrings ❤️❤️


    Brooklynn Ingram

    You looked like a Barbie doll tho


    Claudia Phillips

    This shouldn't have worked as well as it did but you made it look FABULOUS!! Well done Nikki!! 💜


    yo guys it’s bella

    you forgot the eyeshadow under the eye!

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