The Best Coats & Jackets! ~ CYBER WEEK SHOPPING EDIT ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love

    Welcome to my CYBER WEEK EDIT, today we focus on coats and jackets! I will update the description box every day with the newest deals. Remmeber to …



    ❤️❤️❤️ love this video!!! My favorite coats are those from Asos


    Tanvi Chitre

    Idk if you get this compliment often but you are cute too other than being a royal princess and an elegant lady. 💕


    alexandria nguyen

    Good video, Freddy My Love. You look wonderful in everything.Your blonde hair is very pretty. Happy Holidays.



    I was so excited when you mentioned Forever New! I live in Australia and that's my favourite brand ever. I have three of their coats and they really are beautiful and amazing quality!



    Such a helpful video Freddy! I ordered the £95 river island coat from very, been waiting for it to go into the sale so it was so helpful to see it on very for cheaper!


    Destiny Alvarez

    Thank you so much, Freddy! I really love how you taught me not to be afraid of being extra. I love being the girl who dresses well and looks put together every day. You have really made me embrace this style of CARING about the way I dress and feel. I love it and I love you. Follow me on Instagram too @savagegoddess3000


    Ghadeer Alataa

    Fur fer freddy is the title of this winter! You are gorgeous , can’t wait for the next videos.


    crazy girl

    I always wait for you videos because they make my day a lot better ❤❤❤❤❤ love you so much ❤❤🌹🌹


    Pamela Doucet

    Freddy your videos are so easy and fun to watch. Great content as always!


    Diana Soto

    ❄️ Love This Series 😍


    holly Victoria

    Do you purposefully belt coats so they dont fully meet so you can see your outfit underneath ?



    I can't wait for lounge wear!


    Nubby Rose

    The faux fur from Soia and Kyo is amazing. IMO best for the price although not cheap.



    I was just looking to buy a new winter coat! Freddy, you must have read my mind!


    Emily Kemp

    I'd love to see a video sometime this winter for VERY cold weather fashion. I'm in Canada where it averages -25 to -40 celsius everyday for winter and while I want to look cute and feminine, it's hard to look like anything but a blob when you're trying to stay warm 🙁


    Patricia Ong

    Forever new!! U will love it Freddy! I am a fan of this brand for many years n many years to come! Glad to see it in ur channel! Thanks for all the hard work! Love from Singapore 🇸🇬


    Emily F.

    I got way overexcited seeing you in Forever New haha! Yes it's Aussie and the styles are SO you and the quality is really lovely (especially for the prices compared to other options we have in Australia). I've actually bought a few things from Forever New when inspired by your style and looking for something similar!


    Ali Lamb

    So so gorgeous loved this so so much omg 💕💕


    Nan of Grey Gables

    That puffer coat is perfect to wear here in the Rockies where it's already snowing in the valleys.


    Emma Abel

    Loved the river island check coat but sadly the link isn’t working xx


    Jan Nicol

    Don’t need coats where I live!


    Molly Heron Delaney

    We are not worthy 😭😭


    Fantabulous !

    You have helped me not be ashamed of my femininity after hearing everything said by feminists


    violent teddybear

    I just want Freddy to know how much I apreciate this discreption and the work you research you put into every single video


    Brenda Seavey

    You make the best selections in fashion!! 💕


    chantel george

    Love the video and the coats


    Sarah Lassiter

    I bought the river island checked coat!!!


    Rosie :O

    lmao everyone in the comments is so posh i- 😂💀


    A’Kiva Wright

    Also for that 5th coat link the aviator check, the link kept bringing me to the google home page! Dunno if that happened to anyone else but here's the link for that coat here:


    A’Kiva Wright

    the Beige Villanelle Coat, I JUST bought that the other day! It retails at $190, but I saw it on a site called Next Direct for $138 & I snatched it up! It's the same coat–came with the River Island tag & everything, & SO WORTH IT, my new favourite coat!


    Book Lover

    Freddy,your voice is sooo calming and I love listening to it! It feels like listening to a good audiobook!
    Thanks for your amazing quality videos.Sending all the love.


    Gabriela Muniz dos Santos

    It’s such a shame that cool brands like these ones are not on my country or they are extremely expensive


    Madison Herries

    So pretty !


    Olivia Ann

    Hi Freddy I would love to see a practical girly winter outfit .



    You say 'really' a lot 😛



    Liked before watching because.. Freddy! <3
    And I got the top-shop Faux Fur Coat for my birthday and it came on Friday and I am sooo in love with it, it is the best thing ever!
    I feel like a snow princess! <3


    Lion Wallflower

    These choices!! In love with every coat, can't wait for the rest of the week ❤❤


    Georgia Holly

    Can you do a Christmas guide for her and him please



    so classy and cute coats
    🎀 4:42 🎀 11:29 🎀 14:35


    Anna Katinka Schmidt

    I found my winter coat🧚‍♀️🛍…Thank you Freddy💓



    Freddy truly is my fashion saviour 💖

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