The Dream LUXURY Edit! (Everything on sale!) ~ CYBER WEEK EDIT ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love

    Welcome to my CYBER WEEK EDIT, here is my round up of my favourite high end, designer pieces! I will update the description box every day with the newest …


    Nida Khademi

    You should do the buying things without looking at the price challenge


    Hayley Alexis

    but where is the shirt from because the link is incorrect???


    Lily Doolin

    You said that ‘it’s 30% so you have no excuse’ you seem to forget that not everyone has 200 in the bank. Please be careful what you say


    Helena Cheng

    I love how your channel isn't always about crazy top tier luxury brands like Chanel Gucci and Louis Vuitton!


    Sonya Reznikova

    You inspired me to use my birthday gift card on some black over-the-knee boots from Target! So excited for them to come in and to start wearing them))))))))))). Cheers to all your work this week and all of your fashion inspiration, all the time!


    Gina Miller

    This year for Christmas I decided I would purchase a bag from Furla that I had been watching & loving for at least a year & a half. It was $469. So not super expensive, but I enjoy the quality of Furla, a beautiful Italian company. I clicked on the site & it was on sale!! for $315.!! I was so happy & couldn’t move quick enough! It came in a week & it is as beautiful as I hoped for!! It is a similar style to the Dolce & Gabbana bag. Top handle & a shoulder strap also if I choose to use it. I love the versatility of the style & it’s one I choose frequently.


    Marilyn Hodgkinson

    Hi Freddy absolutely loved this video. Those handbags are adorable. Love everything about them. Thanks so much for sharing xxxx


    Victoria T

    Omg your cat, I died <3


    Jessica Chan

    definitely not the dolce& gabbana bag… the brand is so problematic these days 🙁
    racism, gay marriages, calling out people for being ugly?yuck!


    Denisa Dellinger

    Oh those bags!!!!!!! Even on sale, they are too expensive for me. But I just love the quality of the bags.


    Charlotte D

    This probably sounds weird but I honestly think you could be Holly Willoughbys sister or something, you have the same charisma and class


    Antonio Gomes

    If Dolce and Gabanna will have a sale anytime of the year….It is now.



    Nellie! 😍❤️



    🎶 “Those (pink) boots are made for walking”

    Honestly I need to get myself some boots like those!



    im thinking how long is it gonna take for u to return everything ur not keeping oh god



    ok i love the second bag



    i just spent money on a new look coat, topshop heels, and hm jumpers and i have less then £100 now that’s basically a luxury haul for me fff


    Llaura Llea

    Thank you Freddy! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🙏🥧


    Poem Comments

    Freddy is a queen 💓
    Freddy is a legend👏
    Freddy is a beauty 💋
    Freddy is a cutie ☺️
    Freddy is perfect 😘
    Freddy is SO worth it 🤗
    Freddy is amazing 💕


    ᑕᗝᗝᒪ ᒪᒪᗩᗰᗩ ッ

    Freddy's obsession during haul week was sleeves and during cyber week it's clasps.


    holly Victoria

    How Freddy feels about bags is how I feel about a lettuce hem funnel neck long sleeve top and a check skirt with faux suede block heel boots



    Thank you! You always put so much effort into your videos. Love that D&G bag too-I think the bag you showed is the best colour between that and the pink one. Love from Tokyo! 🇯🇵


    Clodagh Shiels

    Freddy how do you keep your light coloured bags so clean!?


    Del Rey

    I predict Freddy will have her own fashion brand in the near future 😊



    My names Abby so close to the ABY bag I feel it’s meant to be


    Noor A

    You can get D&G 10% off in Harrods on their 10% off days!


    Piggy Oink

    Oh freddy. You are a doll. And i love all the bags. But I hope you lighten the video filter so we can see the actual color of the bags. Please. Its kinda too pinkish. Pretty please. ❤


    Zerxak Lekolar

    What does she mean when she says "I want to keep it"?


    Hadil Boumediene

    أنت جميلة 😍💓



    Aah, Fabulous Freddie


    Ali Lamb

    Incredible omg loved this so so much 💕💕



    I really really love your videos,following you for a long time now, but lately i see that in your proposals ( i mean…items you show), there are a lot of things that your friend, from the fashion mumblr channel (that i also follow and love) has already suggested multiple times in the meantime.


    Keith Schuebel

    Theresa here and you should get the pearl bag for the pearl addicted BFF of yours


    Ida Roseen




    I LOVE this video!! 💖


    Jana Elhamdi

    I love this !!!


    Nikolina Čitaković

    Freddy, you are beautiful! You are like a princess!! Of course like Coco! Kisses and geetings from Serbia❤🥰😘


    Mhariam Smd

    Why is Freddy not a Hollywood star yet ?


    zahra benomar

    Très chic👜👜👜


    Lizz Veken

    Freddy, you’re litteraly the best youtuber. You’re enthousiastic, you’re neat at your edits and your aesthetic is litteraly out of this world. Lots of love from the Netherlands 🥰

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