The Sad Truth About Margot Robbie As Actress In Hollywood

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    Margot Robbie Isn’t Respected In Hollywood And Here’s Why Subscribe to our channel: …


    Mrs Deadpool

    Oh! Thou story is upmost tragic


    Jessebelle e

    Wrong , she started in neighbours here in Australia. 🇦🇺


    Lance Buttercream

    Sad truth:
    Leo banged her.
    Brad banged her.
    Leto banged her.
    Prolly a few Aussies.
    She wants to bang Pheonix.
    But not poor old me. Not really I'm 25, so I got a chance…to bang her.
    But not poor old me.


    Catarina Pereira

    What a stupid video


    Zebra Warrior

    Z for Zachariah was a book studied by every Australian teen during the 90’s. I loved that she chose that role. ❤️ as for “I Tonya” best movie ever! 💖


    Himadri Paul

    1k like


    Declan Pritchard

    Does anyone know what the backing tune is to this video it's amazing


    Alicia Walker

    What’s with the picture in the tumble?



    what is up with you guys and these misleading titles???


    Noopur Tripathi

    Stupid misleading title. This entire narration is true about almost every other actress. And thanks to society's shit they just don't let women breathe in their own life, own skin.
    "Go Margot" 🙂



    The sad truth about Talko, should be the title. Come on Talko .


    Spilling the Tea

    I love her



    an what is sad in her story? :/ weak


    Kalen Alexis Beauty

    I hope she does really well in everything, she's so great! She should've won that Oscar!


    Moalbba Kaba

    Why did you have to choose the worst picture tho?


    Snow Hibiscus

    She's cool! Why aren't male stars get buggered by marriage and children questions!



    I don’t see anything sad about this



    Our Aussie girl is doing well. 🤗😊


    elaine murphy

    wasn't she in neighbours or home and away?


    That SriLankanGuy

    How is this sad?



    She’s so refreshing, down to earth, and professional.


    Grigor Bailey 2

    Where's The Sad Truth


    Olivia Shanks

    I thought she was amazing in Suicide Squad. I still do. I always will.


    michelle wheeler

    AMAZING how the only comment some freaks make on a video,is to comment on a spelling mistake 😂


    Ali Blessed

    Your titles literally never match the videos wtf!?!?


    Calista Du Preez

    Did anybody notice that she said JaneClayton and not Porter


    Caue Francisco

    If everybody life as Margo everybody would be fuckin happy.


    Mrs J

    Wow she is awesome 😊, I love her acting, and she is very beautiful. I hope she Blows The Fucking Top Off Hollywood's house 😊


    Jess T.

    So truth is that she's successful with everything she does? I've heard more depressing truths than that one tbh (:


    Anna Karenina Viernes



    Arinaitwe Norman

    It also helps that she is beautiful, just saying


    Amy De Wet

    The title is written horribly


    Juliets Oleandra

    Where's the sad truth?



    I actually loved Margot‘s performance in Mary Queen of Scots. Obviously she wasn’t as fierce as Mary (Saoirse), but that was due to her role. From my point of view she portrayed Elisabeth‘s fear of betrayal and jelousy perfectly. She wasn‘t as admirable as Mary, but she was relatable and she was real.


    C R

    this thumb nail is for mean girls


    Carla 123

    waht the hell is the sad truth?? what a stupid video and title

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