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    Today I’m announcing Big TATI BEAUTY News about my next product and restocking dates of the Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Palette. xo’s ~ Tati 🦋 Join the Tati …


    It’s so funny how differeny people like such different things, cause some of the things in this video are other people’s holy grails! It just shows you how you have to watch multiple reviews for recommendations, because reviews can vary SO wildly.


    I wear 😇. Religiously.

    Tori Bolzak

    How do you curl your hair? What tools?

    Haneen El-Hamoui

    Would love it if you would consider to packing the individual pans that you have part of your palettes (being eyeshadow or something else) into being removable magnetic ones? Prettyyyyy please consider it. If I want to take one or two shades I want to have the freedom
    Of only taking
    Those. If that makes sense. Much love!! 💕💕

    Cozette Crimp

    Omg Nala! I actually love the pink one and my bf loves the black one… Good to know to steer clear of the purple Christmas tree one!

    Zabimaruu 16

    Very excited for your next product 🥳🥳🥳


    If you got hit by a train I would genuinely be happy

    Sorry Jesus for this comment

    wisi gato

    Great video!

    K S

    Releasing foundation or lipstick? Maybe eyebrow product. Lol

    Anon Nymouz

    U look so stupid on tat intro

    Taylor Lynn

    I love how positive you are💓 love watching you’re videos, so transparent and honest

    K. Hicks

    I just bought that Stila foundation darn-it.


    the shimmershade is an eyeshadow…

    kaitlyn barrera

    Gray is your color! super cute

    daniela anne cruz

    It’s not a highlight lol it’s an eyeshadow base


    You were in WHISTLER??! Yay! I’m in Vancouver ❣️

    dat1 guy


    tsatsral telmentugs

    I just got my Tati pallet so happy
    I am in Mongolia that is why it took 20+ days
    I only used mattes today which was amazing


    What are the best BB creams? Anyone?


    for the stila liquid face highlighter thing mentioned at 6:15 I use it as a glitter on my eyelid almost and I get so many compliments try it!!

    Emily Cervera

    Has she always had lip fillers?


    Angel is my scent. Love it. Wear it all the time. Spicey? Not at all on me. It's very 'spring breeze' on me. Very fresh, floral, fruit, vanilla and caramel. Use just a little. That's what's cool about fragrance though, it smells different on everyone. There was a very popular one once a co-worker used to wear and it made me literally gag. Smelled like vomit to me. She'd be behind me and I'd be talking to someone and look around confused asking why I smelled vomit. Took about two months to figure out it was her-she figured it out-and we were both mortified! Wups. Can't remember the name of it, but it was very big at the time. Never had a problem with anyone else who wore it. It's so important to get the right scent for your own body chemistry apparently. LOL Ciara! That's what it was!

    Gwen Gardner

    I REALLY DO hope God blesses them with a child🙏

    Wendy Lin

    I feel like Tati new product will be Brow product hahahahahhah

    Aly Fed

    What brand is your hoodie??? Love it! @tatiwestbrook

    ArT RefugiuM

    I love the angel perfume too, it's my favourite ♥ I also like the new angel that they made.

    Lynsey King

    The Kush does smudge but I absolutely adore it and how it fluffs my lashes!


    you are a bad person, feel bad

    Shannon Porter

    anyone else think her makeup looks so effortlessly beautiful in this video? I would like a tutorial please and thank you 🙂


    I'm so happy that you're listing your makeup you are wearing in your video to the description box!! Thank you Tati!!❤❤❤

    Farah Cook

    Anytime Tati says something bad about a product she always mentions a good product from that brand 😂

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