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    Freddy My Love

    Today I attempt to put together 10 outfits in 2 minutes! Clothes linked below!! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or bought with a press …


    xopinklife xo

    Please make a ballet video


    xopinklife xo

    Can you do ballet


    Hope Carter

    What a great video and I love how different your videos are compared to the main stream channels.
    by the way i would love to see a perfume collection.


    Julia Cobden

    Freddy: This isn't a bag that I massively like care about. Okay. Bye. @19:00
    Idk why but I like how she said it lol
    Freds is such an adorable human


    Olivia Ann

    Cool Video but if you wore that to a job a interview you wouldn’t get the job that outfit says I am trying kind of person to rebel and mess around not good . Surly as a student you did job interviews?



    Omg how can u be so pink 😮



    Watch bjonesstyles styling on the fly ig tv videos if you liked this 🙂


    Aby Castillo

    Really fun video Freddy !!! I Enjoy it a ton !!!! 🥰


    İpek Gürer

    I admire and love u 💓💎🎀


    Niamh O Reilly

    Never wear ivory/cream/white dresd to a wedding, doesn't matter if its nothing like a wedding dress its a fast way to upset the bride. First one for a job interview knee length skirt. Basic fashion rules there.


    Pixel Guiden

    Wedding outfit with the floral bag 💕


    Yasmin Walia

    Very nice video different from your usual. Even in hurry you maintain your grace. Outfits were all good. Hope you had fun doing this



    Love this Freddy! I would love to see you do this again but with only a small selection of items, so we can see how you style the same pieces for lots of different occasions. More fashion challenge videos please 😍


    Nicole Louise

    Love your clubbing outfit! ✨ x


    Cally Choy

    such a creative video!xx


    Mario Nebiaj

    "In the time budget" …..



    There are just soooo many memes in this video I keep coming back


    Elite TikToks

    Why does Coco never post on her channel?



    your an actual queen. you look so flawless and effortlessly beautiful your literally every girls dreams


    Gabriella Amello

    would you ever do like a disneybound (disney character inspired outfit) video?



    Those pajamas 😍


    enola niaz

    In the first look-the job interview-the skirt is too short for an interview :/


    Marilyn Hodgkinson

    Hi Freddy loved this so much. Coco did a great job. 😍😍


    Les plaisirs de Manon

    I love how Freddy thinks a tiny flared skirt with bare legs is appropriate for a job interview and a mini bodycon dress without stockings is ‘conservative’ 😂💖 100% Freddy


    Karina Molostova

    This is so fun to watch! Love your style!


    Marie J

    What a fun concept, and you and Coco did so well together.


    Lauren S

    “Absolutely no flower” 🤣


    Mari Martinez

    Freddy, can you now do the reverse video where coco has 1 min to put your outfit together!



    Clubbing outfit the best one!!!!


    Midnight and Honey

    What was the aftermath of clothes thrown on the floor


    Luna Han

    This is so me everyday when i have to go to work 😂🤣… Especially when we have a last minute ootd code 😂🤣


    Haley Ball

    “Oh my god, I’m the accused” 😂


    Amra Kuc

    Love the sisterly love! I must say though, interview skirt should not be so short for any of you watching who may be looking for interview outfit!


    The Chubby Panda

    I really enjoyed this video cause I feel like we actually saw how you act around friends and family and it was sweet and funny to watch.



    This was an awesome video! You should make this a series 😉


    chantel george

    Love the video and the clothes


    Lauren H

    This was hilarious! I love you and your sister, and your relationship. Wish I could be your friend in real life!


    Kaitlyn Louzada

    bro u cant make fun of speaking in tongues that is completely disrespectful


    Joanna Tryc

    When are you going to start a merch line?


    Jan Simenson

    Very cute!

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