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    Allana Davison

    Happy #EverydayMay Day 27! ——————————————————————————————— COME SAY HELLO! INSTAGRAM @allanaramaa …

    Charlotte Earney

    I think the weirdest thing about all these brands that are catering to a much younger market is that their prices haven't really changed to match – they're still charging high quality prices and I don't think many teens/early 20's makeup fans would be able to afford a lot of it, much less keep up with the constant launches. 

    It's frustrating in a market that is getting more and more saturated that some of the brands who have been around a bit longer aren't the ones innovating anymore, I would so rather they were doing interesting things that got people talking and really took the time to make quality products than coming out with new collections every five minutes. I think that's where MAC have really fallen too, they have the knowledge and the scope to be making some really interesting, well considered products, but they're just sticking with gimmicks. These brands don't trust their market, they're seeing beauty fans as people with short attention spans who constantly want new shiny things, but it's just not going to work with a market that's increasingly becoming concerned with the environment and making the most of really good, high quality products.

    Grace Filled Southern

    I agree. I used Tarte in my Jr/Sr year of high school – now I’m 24 and honestly just cannot connect with them anymore and they used to be my FAVE 🙁

    3 6

    What happened to you

    Zeynep Peker

    A full face friday vid on an everyday may? I feel alive!

    Michelle Tobar

    I completely agree with you from a marketing perspective. I’ve always, always loved tarte and their smell of products will always give me nostalgia to 2014, but I am hating this bedazzled/giant packaging. 😣 I’m almost 30 and this crap is almost impossible to travel with. Listen, I can’t show up for a work trip and reapply my lippie with a sparkly-ass giant wand. Still love the staples like their concealer, chapstick things in foiled packaging, blushes and tartelette eyeshadow palettes.


    shape tape concealer is still my ride or die – nothing works for my skin/lasts as long!

    Amber M

    When Sephora opened in Vancouver Tarte was one of the first brands I purchased from. The amazonian clay blush is still a favourite. I think the packaging and marketing has really lost me which is a shame because some of their products are fantastic.

    Julie Kap

    Wow I thought I was the only one who thought tarte's packaging/branding was becoming really gaudy ! Loved this look though, the makeup itself can be looovely it's such a shame. Definitely am more drawn to the look of kosas/rms/glossier as a 22 year old

    Jessie R

    The LCF mascara is my all 👏 time 👏 fav 👏

    Diana Jean

    I was a big tarte fan back in 2010 when their focus was on Maracuja oil & high quality, good for your skin makeup. Unfortunately they decided to spend all their $$ on mega influencer trips rather than product quality. And then they pivoted into the $$$ tween themed makeup. Instead of $10 mermaid makeup brushes at Walgreens now there are $50 mermaid brushes. Why not spent more $ on HQ products?

    Alex DeCola

    So true with the direction tarte is going.. I’ve decluttered almost everything I had from them. I don’t know if we’re getting older or tarte and other brands are going for younger 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Cyn D

    Thank you for recommending the undereye cc cream. Not going to live without it. Sorry i’m not making fun of you Allana, i’m just glad i’m not the only one who pronounce it marajuca 😆

    Emily Darrah

    I am much more drawn to brands that don’t release something every week now. I just get too overwhelmed and I don’t get the chance to express my excitement about a product because there’s a new one before I can

    Nancy Johnson-Hunt

    I believe they tried tarting themselves up, only to fail. 😐


    Absolutely agree, I hate being over whelmed with packaging when the product should be the focus. I know that if I had choices between simple and chic packaging and then the mermaid type of stuff I would avoid them like crazy.


    I love that you watch auntie Jackie bc y'all are my two faves.

    Kate P

    I totally agree. The more the products look like “toys” the less seriously I take a brand. But my favorite blush is Tarte’s paaarty – the perfect pink/nude.

    Maggie Brousseau

    I remember when Estee did a video about their powder foundation and I was dyingggg to get it. But that was ages ago now. I still do like their blushes and the Tartelette in Bloom palette. But it seems like once they released the shape tape they really went off the deep end packaging wise. I still like their products but I’ll stick to the main non gimmicky stuff. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m intrigued by the new hydro concealer because I hateeeeee shape tape. I also feel like I’m more likely to choose Hourglass or even NARS now because they seem more sustainable and seem more worth spending money on. I guess I grew up but Tarte didn’t grow up with me?

    Rebecca Quigley

    When Lan just keeps talking with her little concealer whiskers. Loved it haha

    Hez 01

    I enjoy Tarte because most (if not all) of their items are vegan in addition to cruelty free… so as far as "clean" ingredients go, this puts them ahead of the rest for me 🙂


    Totally agree. I’m a more simple eyeshadow look gal as well. It is truly overwhelming, i used to get excited for new releases, now we can’t keep up.

    Summer Lee

    Does anyone notice her blinking more than usual or is that just me lol

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